6mm Barbed Take-off Adaptor

6mm Barbed Fittings are used to join together sections of Miniscape drip tube. Ideally suited for weaving through garden beds and into pots. Installation: First punch a hole into either a 13mm or 19mm poly pipe mainline for a 6mm take-off adaptor. This allows you to then tap into the water source.

Push the 6mm take-off fitting into the Miniscape drip tube, then into the punched hole. Run the Miniscape tube to it’s maximum length. For shaped gardens or shorter lengths, use 6mm fittings to form a loop connecting back into the mainline, or layout tube and shape using tee’s & elbow’s.

6mm Micro Fittings: Barbed Take Off Adaptor
  • 6mm-Barbed-Elbow
  • 6mm-Barbed-Take-off-Adaptor
  • 102760-Barbed-Tee-6mm
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Dimensions315 × 95 × 160 mm