13mm x 10mm Drip Elbow Adaptor

The 13mm x 10mm Drip Elbow adaptor, allows you to punch (Drip punch required) into a 19mm poly pipe mainline to attach 13mm drip line. This connection style eliminates using a barbed tee & ratchet clamps. Installation: Insert the 13mm end of the Elbow Take-off adaptor into one end of drip line. To assist installation, soften the end of the tube by quickly immersing in hot water.

Secondly punch a 10mm hole into the mainline using the punch. Taking note of the orientation of the mainline, hole is often punch into the top of the pipe. Reminder: ensure the water is turned off if fixing an existing system. Now push the 10mm barbed end into the punched hole in the mainline to connect. The elbow take-off allows you to now pivot the fitting to any angle! Have the drip line running parallel to the mainline, example a thin nature strips. Alternatively, run the drip line from any angle from the mainline into your garden.

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Dimensions135 × 130 × 50 mm