DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights
45mm Warm White Deck Lights
DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights - cable
DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights Back
45mm Deck Light Size
30mm Warm White Deck Lights
DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights

45mm Warm White Deck Lights

Highlight the garden steps with the 45mm Warm White Deck Lights. The stylish stainless steel and polycarbonate housing is protected from the elements by an IP67 dust and water protection rating.

  • 2‑Pin Plug + Socket Connection
  • 6× 1W LED Deck Lights
  • Stainless steel housing
  • No electrician required
  • Max. 1800mm spacing between deck lights with 900mm leader cables
  • Spacer Cable now available for extra 2m of length in-between deck lights

Lighting Mode: Warm White
  • DLRGB4505 45mm RGB Colour Deck Lights
  • DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights
Lighting Size: 45mm
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Deck Light Spacing

Deck Light Spacing

Holman Deck Light Spacing



Warm White
2‑Pin Plug and Socket

Installation is simple with our modular 2‑Pin Plug and Socket cable system. The connections are DIY friendly with no electrician required, and are backed by IP67 water and dust protection.

Step 1


Our Warm White Garden Light Transformers are available in both Bluetooth® and manual models. Bluetooth® has a 20m control range and a more secure connection controlled with iGardener™. The manual Garden Light Transformer Hub is perfect for a simple setup without smartphone control.

Step 2

Garden Lights

Mix and match different lighting styles for every part of your garden, be it your decking, the path or even the pond.

Step 3

Cables and Connectors

Choose the right cable length between your garden and controller, and the right connectors needed to attach your Garden Lights.


Wattage 1
Lumens 75
Lifespan 50,000hrs
DLW4510 45mm Warm White Deck Lights
  • 5× Warm White Daisy-chain Deck Lights, 45mm
  • 1× Warm White Deck Light, 45mm
  • 1× 2‑Pin Connection Tee
  • Package dimensions: W150 × H246 × L81mm
  • Weight: 0.752kg
45mm Deck Light Size

Tech Specs

  • Connection type: 2‑Pin Plug + Socket
  • Input: 12V
  • Output: 1W per light
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Housing: Stainless steel and polycarbonate
  • Cable length (Deck Light spacing): approx. 1900mm
  • Beam Reach: Max 2m
  • Colour Temp: 2800-3000K
  • Beam Angle: 120º