Warm White Pond Light Value Pack

Add a burst of life to your water feature with the Warm White Pond Light Value Pack. With a compact 5W transformer included, daisy chain up to 3 Pond Lights in a standalone system.

  • 3× 1W LED Pond Lights
  • Submergible under water
  • 1× 5W Transformer included
  • No electrician required

* Holman Garden Lights are not compatible with other brands. For more information, FAQ’s and support head to our help centre.

Lighting Mode: Warm White
  • POLRGB1K RGB Colour Pond Lights
  • POLWW1K Warm White Pond Lights
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Additional information
Weight0.74 kg
Dimensions252 × 90 × 97 mm
Lighting Mode

Warm White


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adrian Salmon (Perth, Australia)
Pond light disappointment

2 sets of pond lights in a little over 2 years is proving that these lights are not up to the task. 1st set only lasted 10 months, 2nd set a little better at 15 months. Either way not what you’d expect when Holman state something like 50000 hrs…which running at 6 hrs per day (like mine) is approx 22 years. Brand new they work really well but the reliability is terrible. Come on Holman this is not acceptable.

Scott (Mildura, Australia)
NOT good, poor quality don't buy

as a person who installs a lot of water features, we purchased a bulk qty of these lights as they showed promise, but nearly every set installed has had to be replaced with another brand as they failed within 6months of install, either one of the lights went out and the others were dim or they all went a time or two failed etc etc
Com''on Holman, do a regular ip68 pond light that is the same as your other lights, not this rubbish

Lisa Herft (Adelaide CBD, Australia)
Inferior quality

I was excited to install these pond lights in my new fountain. They worked great for a couple of months but now, they are very dim or intermittently don't even come on at all. Very disappointing, I won't be buying this brand for the rest of my garden lighting.

Damien Gatenby (Cairns, Australia)
Not submergible

Have had for just over 1 year now.
Lights are no longer working on 2 of the 3 seperate parts.
Have pulled one apart to see why and it has water in it and mud as well.
2 of the lights have somehow gotten cracks on the glass as well even though they have never been moved.
I have had these in a small pond the whole time and sadly i will not be buying these again.
Initially these were great but yeh this is not really good if they dont last long.

Warm White
2‑Pin Plug and Socket

Installation is simple with our modular 2‑Pin Plug and Socket cable system. The connections are DIY friendly with no electrician required, and are backed by IP67 water and dust protection.

Step 1


Our Warm White Garden Light Transformers are available in both Bluetooth® and manual models. Bluetooth® has a 20m control range and a more secure connection controlled with iGardener™. The manual Garden Light Transformer Hub is perfect for a simple setup without smartphone control.

Step 2

Garden Lights

Mix and match different lighting styles for every part of your garden, be it your decking, the path or even the pond.

Step 3

Cables and Connectors

Choose the right cable length between your garden and controller, and the right connectors needed to attach your Garden Lights.


Wattage 1
Lumens 75
Lifespan 50,000hrs
POLWW1K Warm White Pond Lights
  • 1× 2‑Pin chain of 3× Warm White Pond Lights
  • 1× 5W Transformer
  • Product dimensions: W55 × H60 × L55mm
  • Weight: 0.74kg
  • Connection type: 2‑Pin Plug + Socket
  • Input: 12V
  • Output: 1W per light
  • Protection rating: IP68
  • Housing: Plastic sealed with stainless steel
  • Beam Reach: Max 2m
  • Colour Temp: 2800-3000K
  • Beam Angle: 120º