Discontinued – Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Pro Weather Station

— This product has been discontinued —

The ultimate solution for localised weather data is here. Our Aspect Wi‑Fi Solar Pro provides indoor and outdoor readings, up to 17 unique weather data points, and Internet access through Weather Underground. Easily read the data points from the ProPanel Data Display, and collect readings from inside with the Indoor Sensor.

With this level of localised data, you can know the weather in your backyard, from almost anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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Liam C (Melbourne, Australia)
The simplest of all the Holman units to set up

This unit proved to be the simplest to set up amongst the WS5090W, WS50901W and the WS5070W units. Like the WS5070W and unlike the WS5090W unit the WS50901W it has an external display meaning it’s easy to determine if the sensors are connecting ( as opposed to the WS5090W which relies heavily on being able to connect to a third party website to determine this ). However I’m not a fan of the third party Wunderground site which you need to use to gain remote access. I don’t think any of these units is simply plug ‘n play and will put many people off spending > $200 aud to use

Rory (Novi Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Update to previous review

Whilst the previous comment still stands, an undertaking to investigate has been given on the rainfall measurement issue . It is possible to self calibrate the unit through the installation menus in the advanced settings, electronically, as can most of the readings from the unit. A limited explanation of this is contained in the manual . This can be done by comparison with a manual rain gauge, this is the method I used, once done, the unit is accurate, and works well. Really it should calibrated in the factory though as most users won't want to have to do this.

Rory (Alexandria, Australia)

Has a good assortment of data. The wind display could be a bit easier to read from a distance. Unfortunately and importantly the rainfall calibration is way off, underreading by around 30%,clearly it was not properly calibrated in the factory. Others have reported theirs as fine,so this is a quality control problem and may be random. I'm familiar with accuracy testing of rainfall gauges, but there is no external adjustment available, to fix the problem This makes the unit unreliable.

Robert P (Sydney, Australia)
Great Weather Station

Well worth the money. The features suit our rural lifestyle. The station has helped us assess the wind directions, speed and temperatures during a recent bushfire which has been invaluable in making decisions whether we stayed or evacuated.

Clarkie (Townsville, Australia)
Everything you need in a weather station.`

Had a cheaper weather station that gave incorrect readings. Purchased the Wi-Fi Solar Pro and very happy. Has everything you want to know and very accurate. Even the rain gauge is accurate.
I would definitely recommend this product.

Tony Cooper (Perth, Australia)
Average to good

Out of the box a very chunky base station, one hole in the back to mount it to the wall so it flops around all over the place, I shouldn't have to use double sided foam tape to hold it on the wall, $399 and you don't provide batteries? I shouldn't now have to drive back into town to get batteries, smacks of being cheap with things like this

alan wilkinson (Sydney, Australia)
Great Weather Station

I purchased this weather station last year and are extremely happy with it. Very accurate and easy to read and love being able to publish to weather underground and view my station and weather from anywhere. I can highly recommend.

Great Weather Station.

I purchased an Aspect Wi Fi Pro Weather Station for my adult son for his birthday. It was easy to set up and he loves it, he's been collecting weather data on our farm for years and this weather station makes it so much easier to do, there is a lot of information provided. He loves that with the Wi Fi he can do his readings in all weather. Solar is an added bonus and the main reason we went with this device.


With wireless connection between the Outdoor Sensor, Indoor Sensor, ProPanel Data Display and your smartphone.
You can keep track of your own localised weather, from anywhere!

WS5091W-MKii Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Pro Weather Station Diagram
WS5091W-MKii Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Pro Weather Station Display

Solar Weather Vane with Wireless Indoor Sensor
and Display Panel

Wi-Fi connection to Weather Underground
Solar Powered Outdoor Sensor
Indoor Sensor and ProPanel Data Display Included

17 unique weather data points including:
  • Forecast
  • Light Intensity
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Rainfall
  • Indoor & Outdoor Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Indoor & Outdoor Humidity
  • Time & Date
  • Sunrise/Set
  • Heat Index
  • UV Index
  • Dew Point
  • Wind Chill
  • Sunburn Time
  • Moon Phase
  • Feels like
Wireless Solar Pro Outdoor Sensor
  • Dimensions: 370.5 × 334 × 144.5mm
  • Weight: 1096g (with batteries)
  • Main power: 3 × AA size 1.5V Lithium batteries
  • RF transmission range: 150m
  • RF frequency: 917MHz
  • Lithium batteries required
  • Operating Range: -40 ~ 60°C
Wireless Hygro‑Thermo Indoor Sensor
  • Dimensions: 60 × 113 × 39.5mm
  • Weight: 144g (with batteries)
  • Main power: 2× AA size 1.5V Lithium batteries
  • RF transmission range: 150m
  • RF frequency: 917MHz
  • Lithium batteries required
  • Memory Modes: Past 24 hours, Max / Min
WS5091W-MKii Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Pro Weather Station Display
ProPanel Data Display
  • Dimensions: 215 × 172 × 29mm
  • Weight: 639g (with batteries)
  • Main power: DC 5V, 1A Adaptor
  • Backup battery: 3 × AAA size 1.5V Alkaline batteries
  • Operating temperature range: -5˚C ~ 50˚C
  • Wi-Fi standard: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi operating frequency: 2.4GHz