Wireless Digital Rain Gauge

The Holman Wireless Digital Rain Gauge is a great way to easily and accurately measure rainfall and humidity as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures. The unit has a self-emptying rain collector, is simple to install and includes a large easy to read backlit display.

  • Self-emptying rain collector
  • 6 weather data points
    • Indoor temperature
    • Outdoor temperature
    • Humidity
    • Daily, weekly & monthly rainfall
  • 80m Line of sight data transmission
  • Displays current daily rainfall amount in millimetres
  • Graphic display of rainfall for the previous week
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity sensors
  • Includes alarm clock function with 5 minute snooze
  • 2 year warranty

Requires 5x AA batteries – not included (3 for the INDOOR UNIT and 2 for the OUTDOOR SENSOR)

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Your OUTDOOR SENSOR can be mounted on any level surface, using the included bracket. It is important that the water is able to drain away easily, please do not place the OUTDOOR SENSOR in an area where water may build up around the OUTDOOR SENSOR body

  • A general rule is that a gauge should be placed away from any obstruction, within easy access. You may need to clear your funnel of leaves or other debris, so access is important
  • Because high winds can affect rain readings (due to gusts), consider a protected location where possible


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