Pressure Reducer with Filter Assembly

Drip Systems use low water pressure to operate efficiently. This two stage assembly reduces the water pressure before filtering it to the drip system. Drip line & conventional drippers emit water from tiny outlets & require filtered water to avoid blockages. Always protect the system by using a filter. Blockages will stop drip line operating. Install from a water source with a pump, directly onto a tap, or along the mainline in the garden but locate “inline & before” the irrigation.

Specifications: Pressure Reducer – Inlet: Maximum 10bar (1000kPa), Inlet thread size: 3/4″ BSP (female), Outlet: 1.8 bar (180kPa), Outlet thread size: 3/4″ BSP (male)

Filter – Inlet thread size: 1″ BSP (male), Outlet: 13mm or 19mm Barbed end.

  • Reduces water pressure to 180kPa
  • Quick access to easy clean filter
  • Suitable for drip applications

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