Discontinued – Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Weather Station

— This product has been discontinued —

Weather Vane with Indoor Sensor

Harness the power of your weather with a solar-powered outdoor weather vane, included with the Aspect Wi‑Fi Solar. This unit also features seven weather data points and internet connectivity to Weather Underground.

Available at Bunnings
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Customer Reviews

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Liz Matthews (Sydney, Australia)
Too hard to set up

I have had this for a couple of years trying desparately to get it work. I try then leave, try again but that's it, i can't anymore! what a waste of money. No wonder it's no longer available.

Hi Liz, sorry your Aspect Weather Station is not working as it should. Could you please contact our Customer Service at support@holmanindustries.com.au. They will be able to help troubleshoot any issues you've been experiencing. Thank you, Holman Team.

Alfred Blackley (Adelaide, Australia)
Solid PWS, well made.

I have read the previous reviews, and will admit there are some problems with initial setup, but with some patience they where easily overcome. It seems most people give offence to the need for wunderground.com, I'm quite happy to use it and find as a whole it works very well. AFIK there are alternatives to using it, as the WS-5090W and WS-5091 are very similar to PWS units sold by another major brand, sorry you will have to do your own research I don't want any trouble, hint appearance is the clue.

Colin Wedd (Perth, Australia)
Waste of my time

it wasn't until I read these reviews that I was able to glean the way to set it up... I will be returning it to Bunnings mainly because this model is now "Discontinued" Way too hard to set up with very poorly written instructions. What's wrong with a Bluetooth setup?

Liam Coffey (Melbourne, Australia)
Frustrating set up

Purchased from bunnings on the 28/08/21. Unfortunately I spent the good part of two days attempting to get this unit working online with the third party Web site - Wunderground before finally succeeding. It appears that for initially setting up the station that both the wifi unit and the weather sensor must be less than 2 meters apart ( I wish the user manual had stated that, as it would have saved many hours of frustration). Additionally the set up process is made more difficult by having no display unit ( as is the case with both units above this one in price).

Once working the unit is flawless in its data collection and transmission... It just needs better instructions on how to set up with the third party site

Marshall Powell
Don't waste your money

Buy a Davis Vantage Vue instead (the station this one is a copy of...)

Mark (Dora Creek, Australia)
Great once you get it going....

After a fair bit of effort I was able to get it running and it's been great ever since. Note that this one requires a log in to Weather Underground to use. It doesn't come with a panel, you need to use a phone/PC/tablet to see the data via web browser. In some ways this is great because you can see the data from anywhere in the world.

The setup manual is not well organised. I got it worked out but I have a degree in computer science....Part of the trick to making it work well was to make sure that the black receiver box has line of sight to the weather sensor and good wifi.

Wesley Denton (Perth, Australia)
Unnecessarily complicated

Dissapointing, difficult to install and has no option to view weather details without signing up to Weather Underground and has no feature for inside/outdoor temp. Agree with previous reviewer. Will be returning it to Bunnings

John Collins (Sydney, Australia)
Too difficult

I purchased this unit from Bunnings and have had no end of trouble in getting it to function as I hoped. I actually intended to purchase a different model which Bunnings didn’t have so I bought this model instead.
The Users Guide is simple but omits that the wind vane needs to held in order to align it to north.
I am disappointed that I didn’t purchase a unit that has an indoor display rather than one that relies on an overseas website to display its current readings.
I would not recommend purchasing this unit without thoroughly checking its full capabilities.

Aspect Wi-Fi Solar Weather Station

Aspect Wi-Fi Solar

Wi-Fi connection to Weather Underground
Solar Powered Outdoor Sensor

How it works

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7 unique weather data points including:
  • Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall
  • UV Index
Weather Station
6-in-1 Outdoor Sensor
  • Dimensions: 392.5 × 326 × 144.5mm
  • Weight: 1096g (with batteries)
  • Main power: 3 × AA size 1.5V batteries
    (Alkaline batteries recommended)
  • Auxiliary power: Solar panel
  • RF transmission range: 150m
  • RF frequency: 917MHz
  • Lithium batteries required
Indoor Sensor
  • Dimensions: 79 × 157 × 41mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Main power: DC 5V, 1A adaptor
  • Operating temperature range:
    -5˚C ~ 50˚C
  • Wi-Fi standard: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi operating frequency: 2.4GHz