300-600mm Pro Series Telescopic Riser with Adjustable Nozzle

The Holman Pro Series Telescopic Sprinkler Risers feature a 15-20mm (½-¾”) BSP male inlet, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of irrigation systems. The risers offer easy height adjustment anywhere between 300-600mm, allowing for precise watering coverage tailored to your garden’s needs.

  • 15-20mm (½-¾”) BSP male inlet
  • Easily adjust height anywhere between 300-600mm (12-24″)
  • Includes 3.6m (12′) 0-360° adjustable sprinkler nozzle
  • Plastics are 95% post-consumer recycled

Riser Size: 300-600mm with Nozzle
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Riser Size

300-600mm with Nozzle

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