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Find the best for your garden over Autumn with our top gardening must haves. Know what is happening in your backyard with a Weather Station or create your own movable feature wall with a Mobile GreenWall.

1. Track with a Weather Station

Smart Watering in Summer - Weather Tracking

The Aspect Wireless Weather Station is a must have for any gardening enthusiast. It displays all the readings and data points for your home specifically. These include wind direction, speed, rainfall, humidity, moon phases, barometric pressure forecast with trends and indoor / outdoor temperatures. This Weather Station also has an adjustable alarm function on the display panel that alerts you when temperatures get too hot or too cold for your comfort. Watch how to set up your own here.

2. Start a new vertical garden


The Mobile Garden Kit comes complete with 9 small GreenWall® Pots, 2 Planters and the irrigation system needed to start your own mobile garden. Fill the pots with your favourite herbs or veggies. The four wheels on the base of the frame allow you to move the Mobile Garden Kit into any position. Perfect for moving with the sunlight or just moving to a new location. The two back wheels have a lock, to stop it from moving in windy situations. Watch how to set up your own here.

3. Keep growing in a Greenhouse

walk in greenhouse - gardening must haves
walk in greenhouse with plants - gardening must haves

Our 2m Depth Greenhouse Kit has a DIY friendly set-up and comes with its own misting system. With a tall height and 2m² of internal floor space, you can comfortably tend to your plants from the inside. We also have a small and medium sized greenhouse available to suit different sized backyards. A gardening must have if you want to continue growing from seed or propagating plants through the cooler months. Watch how to set up your own here.


The end of autumn is a great time to re-mulch garden beds. Topping up your mulch will help keep more warmth in your soil and protect plants from the cold and freezing conditions that winter bring. Over time mulch breaks down and adds more nutrients into the soil as well. Check out our blog for tips on using mulch in the garden.

4. Brighten up your outdoors

Warm White Connection Tee - Garden Lights

Get prepared for daylight savings to end and add some light back into your garden with our Wi-Fi Garden Lights. Adding lighting to your garden is an easy way to extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors. Our lighting can be easily integrated into your current smart home systems and are DIY friendly, so anyone can set them up! We have a range of Deck Lights, Spotlights, Path Lights and more available to suit all different outdoor spaces. Learn about our smart lighting here.

5. Upgrade your Hose Reel

retractable hose reels - gardening must haves
retractable hose reels 20m- gardening must haves

Upgrade an old hose or hose reel to help improve your functionality in the garden. Our Retractable Hose Reels come with a 7 Function Spray Gun that allows you to easily water depending on your task or plants. Just turn on your tap, pull on the hose to your desired length and tug to stop lock it in place. The smooth retraction and layering mechanism makes storing the hose away quick and easy, giving you more time to spend on other tasks in the garden.

6. Automate your watering

WX1 Tap Timer - automated watering
wx1 and moisture sensor

Keep your plants happy leading into Autumn with an automated watering system. By pairing a WX1 Tap Timer with a Smart Moisture Sensor you can track soil moisture levels and set up automated schedules to make sure you are only watering when required. With the weather starting to cool down at night time, it is still important to make sure plants have adequate water to make it through the warm days.

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