20m Soaker Hose

Holman Soaker Hose is designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern suited to watering lawns and gardens. A soaker hose works by having fine holes on one side of the hose. These face up and spray out fine multi-directional streams to provides an even “strip” style watering pattern.

An average tap at about 200kPa, sprays about 3 to 4 metres across. The best feature with a soaker hose is it can be quickly & easily re-located to water different areas.

As well as being quick & easy to move, a soaker hose can snake through garden beds, and water curved shaped gardens.

Hose Length: 20m
Available at Bunnings
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Barcode: 9319841039690
Additional information
Weight1.07 kg
Dimensions200 × 40 × 380 mm




A soaker hose waters through fine outlets & periodically these should be flushed clean. To flush the soaker hose, simply unscrew the end cap and let water pass through carrying any dirt or debris. Once water is clean, re-fit the end cap & you’re ready to water.

For greater coverage, connect multiple soaker hoses together and suit your desired watering area. To extend soaker hose, replace the end cap with a 3/4″ BSP female snap on fitting. This will give you a male snap on either hose. Use a dual end female connector to join both hoses.

(All additional soaker hoses, fittings & hose joiners are sold separately and are found in the Holman range)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James (Perth, Australia)
Does what the box says

Happy with my soaker hose. Traditional sprinkler that never lets me down. Shame it wasn’t available in other sizes in Bunnings. Otherwise good.

Glenn (Perth, Australia)
Soaker works for me

I have had soaker hoses for years in my garden. It’s easy to setup from the tap and I don’t have to run an irrigation system. The Holman’s soaker hose does the job for me. Never had any issues.

Helena Penny (Adelaide, Australia)
Leaking both ends

Bought 20m soaker hose 4 days ago - leaked from both ends at fittings not happy. Have had other brands that haven’t had any problems and have lasted for years (one over 5 years).

Hi Helena,
I am sorry to hear that you have a faulty product. This is not how our soaker hoses usually perform. Please return the product for a warranty exchange. I am positive the new soaker hose will not leak like your faulty unit.

Ian McNally (Brisbane, Australia)
Leaking at crimping

Purchased 2 20m soaker hoses from Bunnings - both spray water from crimp on hose to fittings.

Amanda Santamaria (Lane Cove, Australia)
Easy to use watering system

I couldn’t be happier with the soaker hose. I use it to water my tiered garden beds. It’s easy to bend around and easy to relocate as necessary. I’ve been impressed by its durability and how easy it is to use.