⌀18mm × 30m Multi-Purpose Garden Hose

The 18mm×30m Multi-Purpose Garden Hose is a classic garden hose, designed to be used around the house and garden. With kink-resistant features and reinforced webbing for a superior hose. Its UV Protective coating will protect the hose against the harsh Aussie sun. Both ends of the hose come with removable fittings – a 20/25mm BSP Tap Connector to screw onto your garden tap and 18mm Snap-on Connector for connection to a hose gun or nozzle.

  • Reinforced webbed construction
  • 18mm hose fittings included
  • 1000 kPa burst pressure
  • UV protected against the harsh Australian sun
  • 30m Length

Additional information
Weight6.65 kg
Dimensions30000 × 18 × 18 mm
Hose Length


Fitting Size