34mm x 20m Greywater Hose

The Holman 34mm x 20m Grey Water Hose is designed to divert water from your shower or laundry and allow you to reuse the water in your garden. This will help you in reducing water wastage during the dry summer months. Our Greywater Hoses can help you redirect your washing machine water to your lawn. Opt for a low phosphorous washing powder and try to reduce the amount you use to make the water more lawn friendly. We only recommend using greywater on your lawn as it can be harmful to veggie patches and flower beds.

  • Connects to most washing machine hoses
  • 34mm diameter
  • Extremely flexible
  • Join two greywater hoses with Holman greywater coupling

Hose Length: 20m
Available at Bunnings
SKUGWH3420 Category
Additional information
Weight2.08 kg
Dimensions400 × 400 × 230 mm