30m Dripping Hose

The Holman Dripping Hose is ideal for gentle and accurate watering of garden bed areas. The hose is designed to weep small droplets of water along the entire length of the hose, delivering water close to the root zone.

Three flow discs are included to offer different water flow rates depending on your garden’s needs. Multiple Holman Dripping Hoses can be connected together with standard 12mm hose end fittings or 13mm barbed poly fittings. Lay this hose on top of, or underneath the mulch.

Connect this hose to a Holman Tap Timer for automated use.

With every dripping hose, 3 flow regulation discs are included:

  • Clear: 10 L/min
  • Green: 6 L/min
  • Blue: 3 L/min

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Hose Length: 30m
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Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions375 × 375 × 130 mm



Customer Reviews

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Beverly Austin (Perth, Australia)
Great Product

I've tried every irrigation method on my water repelling soil & nothing comes close to this product. Gets the water in deep. On lawn, I've stretched the interval to 10 days compared to every 4 days on sprinklers. Works very well, in my opinion, here in scorching WA. I use the tap to regulate pressure not the orifice discs provided. Also pays to reinforce the hose connector with a clamp.

Dinah (Brisbane, Australia)
Solved a new hedge solution

I planted a 60m hedge from root stock. I needed to water it consistently. My first option was a soaker hose, but as the garden is from scratch I didn't want to water a wide strip where weeds would be watered as well.
This weeper system is the perfect solution....only watering around the plant roots that need it. I have coupled it with the timer and it is working out really well for my situation.
I also put in dual outlets from my tap so that the timer and seeper hose work from one outlet and I can still use the other hose for the rest of the area I need to .

Keith L (Hobart, Australia)
Works as described - but . . .

This is the first dripping hose I have used so I have no other product with which to compare it, relying entirely on the claims on the label to make my buying decision.
My reason for buying is to deep water a previous lawn which, through neglect, has become jungle requiring areas to be re-seeded.
My first disappointment is the 'innovative' flow control disks. Sorry Holman, 3 different size holes in 3 different disks is not innovative, particularly if they are required to be fitted to a tap nut you use for other purposes, necessitating removing the disk when you want to use a standard hose. Innovative would be to have a simple adjustable devise as part of the hose fitting. Even three interchangeable cylinders to fit inside the hose fitting would still not be innovative but far more acceptable than the current arrangement.
It is inevitable that I will have to purge the hose at some time in the future when my less than perfect water supply delivers microscopic particles to the weep capillaries of the hose. Although the pressure within the hose is not likely to be very high, I expect the end plug to be tight enough to resist removal and replacement. A threaded removable plastic bolt may have contributes an extra 30 cents cost to the hose but made this aspect of maintenance so much easier. l also expect more frequent purging because of the ease of doing it, may well extend the life of the hose.
I would be very surprised if I was the only one who stores instructions and warranties in a computer so a final note of dissent is the instructions and marketing information, including warranty information being on a card difficult to scan onto an A4 size image. A competing product has warranty information on a fold-up tab on the marketing label and had I known this one didn't have the same, I may have purchased the competitor's product.
Be that as it may, I am quite happy with the way the hose performs and while not totally suitable for the size and shape of the denuded patches of lawn I am rejuvenating because of wetting in narrow strips, it is eminently suitable for delivery of water directly to areas without the waste of water which would occur if using a broad sprinkler for that purpose.