30m Dripping Hose

The Holman Dripping Hose is ideal for gentle and accurate watering of garden bed areas. The hose is designed to weep small droplets of water along the entire length of the hose, delivering water close to the root zone.

Three flow discs are included to offer different water flow rates depending on your garden’s needs. Multiple Holman Dripping Hoses can be connected together with standard 12mm hose end fittings or 13mm barbed poly fittings. Lay this hose on top of, or underneath the mulch.

Connect this hose to a Holman Tap Timer for automated use.

With every dripping hose, 3 flow regulation discs are included:

  • Clear: 10 L/min
  • Green: 6 L/min
  • Blue: 3 L/min

Hose Length: 30m
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