Father's Day Gift Guide

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Your Father’s Day gift search is covered with our curated guide of gardening gifts and gadgets guaranteed to take Dad’s garden and outdoor entertaining area to the next level.

  All prices correct as at 10 August 2018 via the Bunnings website.

Retractable Hose Reel
$74.90 – $134.00

Retractable Hose Reels

The sleek compact case offers the perfect solution to untidy hose storage (guaranteed to impress Mum too!) while protecting it from harsh weather conditions to prolong the life of the hose. Available in 10m, 20m and 30m reels, each unit can be easily mounted onto any wall or fence.

Adjustable Spray Gun with Thumb Control

Adjustable Spray Gun with Thumb Control

This comfortable Adjustable Spray Gun with Thumb Control makes hand watering a pleasure. Designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, easily manage water flow adjustments with the push of your thumb.

BTX1 Tap Mounted Smart Valve

BTX1 Tap Mounted Smart Valve

Bluetooth® technology means you can manage everything from basic lawn maintenance to delicate garden beds from your smartphone. Simply switch back to manual watering at any time for those one-off hand watering occasions.

WaterWhiz™ Tap Timer
$69.90 – $149.00

WaterWhiz™ Tap Timers

The Holman WaterWhiz™ Tap Timer range features one, two or four individually programmable outlets giving dad full control of his watering schedule. Perfect for mixed plantings, lawns and water restrictions whether he’s at home or on holiday.

Vertical GreenWall™

Vertical GreenWall™

Spruce up the outdoor entertaining area or create a statement entrance with our modular GreenWall™. Vertical gardens transform any wall into a design feature and can be drilled at any height to eliminate body strain for gardeners with problems bending or digging.

Mobile GreenWall™

Mobile GreenWall™

Create a portable herb garden for the BBQ area or green up Grandad’s courtyard with a Mobile GreenWall. The inbuilt irrigation system delivers water to each individual pot making it the ultimate low maintenance gift!

iWeather™ Station

iWeather™ Station

Help Dad pre plan his outdoor adventures with our smart weather forecasting station. The two-part system consists of a data gathering station that mounts outside the home which wirelessly transmits results to an LCD display inside the home.

Spotlight Starter Kit

Spotlight Starter Kit

Impress the neighbours with our new Spotlight Starter Kit. The easy and expandable connection system means you can continue adding Holman garden lights to create the ultimate statement garden. This pack includes four warm white spotlights, cables and a Bluetooth® Lightsource controller.

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