BTX1 Bluetooth Controlled Tap Timer
BTX1 Bluetooth Tap Timer
Holman BTX1 Bluetooth Tap Timer
BTX1 Bluetooth Tap Timer
BTX1 Bluetooth Controlled Tap Timer

BTX1 Bluetooth® Controlled Tap Timer


The BTX1 Smart Valve Bluetooth® Tap Timer is a single outlet tap timer which is fully programmed via the free iGardener™ app on a smartphone.

The BTX1 can have up to three start times set per day and the user has the ability to connect up to 8 BTX1 tap timers to the iGardener™ app on a single smartphone and program them to water sequentially.

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Which app should I download to my smartphone?

  • The BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer is controlled with our iGardener™ smartphone app, available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.
  • Please be sure to install iGardener™ on your device, and not iWater or any other HOLMAN smartphone apps.
  • Note that iGardener™ supports iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy G5 and other later model devices.
  • For iPads, be sure to use the iPhone app only filter when searching for iGardener™.

What can I check on my device if iGardener™ isn’t operating properly?

  • Please ensure all the latest versions of all software and operating systems are installed if experiencing any performance issues.
  • For Android users, Location Services need to be allowed for the iGardener™ app to operate correctly.
  • The BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer can connect to only one device at a time.

What is the best way to reset my BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer?

  • A hard reset of the BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer can be performed using the following method:
  1. Open the battery compartment on the front of the unit.
  2. Remove the battery from the unit without disconnecting it.
  3. Locate the reset button inside the battery compartment.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for at least 12 seconds
  5. The unit should now have been reset, and the battery can be returned to the unit.
  • Alternately, you can hard reset and unpair by removing the 9V battery.

How does my BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer work?

  • Like the other tap timers in our range, BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer operates with a solenoid valve. We highly recommend installing a pressure reducer on the tap, above the BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer when using with micro-drip irrigation systems.

Where can I purchase spare parts for my BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer?

  • Spare parts are currently unavailable for the BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer

iGardener™ is telling me that the system is watering but there is no water passing through the system. Is it possible to fix this?

  • There may be an airlock in the system. Disconnect the timer and reset it. Flush your irrigation system before attaching to the timer again. If the system still doesn’t run correctly, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Why wont my BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer shut off after the programmed run time has lapsed?

  • This may be a pressure issue, introduce a pressure reducer, at the tap, before the timer. If the system still wont shut off after the timer has lapsed, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Can I run this off a gravity-fed or low-pressure system?

  • The BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer runs on a solenoid valve. The valve will be unable to open on gravity‑fed or low‑pressure applications. In addition, the valve will not operate correctly under extreme pressure. The optimum range is household‑tap pressure range of 250‑600kPa.

Can I use my BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer over winter?

  • Using the BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer over the winter period is not recommended. In addition, temperatures below 3°C can damage the unit. Your BTX1 Bluetooth® Tap Timer should be removed over the winter period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mike (Perth, Australia)
Mine been fine

Quite surprised about the reviews also, I actually wanted to buy a few more until I went to bunnings and they were taken off the shelf?
They worked fine and the app was OK. I only found it chewed batteries if you buy the cheap the ones.

Gallagher (Brisbane, Australia)
Brilliant, up to buying my 3rd twin pack.

Ive had mine in for a year on my herb garden and it’s 10/10. I’m surprised to read the other poor ratings. Sorry your missing out.
I am now installing one from my orchid greenhouse and then I will install one for my entertainment area hanging pots.

Plus, it really cools the area down during summer.

Trevor Lahy (Edmonton, Australia)
Don’t buy this product.

Well it’s seems I have the same issue as everyone else. Worked great to begin with, then the system wouldn’t stop at set time.
I feel robbed.
This item I wasn’t cheap, and there was a known issue. Shame on you.
Lost another customer!

Susan (Adelaide, Australia)
Rubbish product, waste of money

Bought this timer when we put in new lawn to water it over first few months. Was easy to set up and change water schedules. Then it started to not start or stop as programmed.
Tried to update but it wouldn’t connect to Bluetooth, changed batteries, still nothing.
Returned it to Bunnings only to be told they didn’t stock it anymore and to contact Holman.
Holman said that model was discontinued and yes they were aware of issues the timer seemed to have.

This timer is a total waste of money!
I will never buy a Holman product again.

Holman are aware there were issues with it and seem to be happy to completely rip off their customers instead of replacing or refunding this dud product!

Nicole Zinnow (Coburg, Australia)

This is something that initially worked fantastic. I loved the manual turn on feature. It did the job great. Until it stopped. That was all fine it was replaced and just recently the that one died too. Unfortunately this time it wasn’t able to be replaced.
So, you get roughly 12 months out of this product, not really worth the money.
I’m really not happy but it is what it is and I’m not going to argue with the poor person on the other end. The problem I do have is that this in a known issue so it should be replaced or refunded as it’s a common fault, not the fault of the consumer.
This doesn’t really say much for Australian products and now I’m on the hunt to find another brand to spend my money on as I won’t buy the Holman brand again.

Haili S. (Adelaide, Australia)
Timer does not work properly

I bought this a couple months ago, it was pretty easy to set up & initially it worked Wally well. After a few weeks, it stopped connecting so I couldn’t use the manual timer. It would also not start/stop when I had set it & when it did come on (at complete random times) it wouldn’t turn off after the set duration. Don’t waste your money!

Edward (Northcote, Australia)

Min has just failed 2 months after installing and a dozen uses.

Glad to see Bunnings have taken them off the shelves.

Mine has a failed solenoid.

Tried swapping battery. No change.

Joel thomson (Brisbane, Australia)

These tap timers are rubbish iv got 4 of them and only owned them for 2 months max and already been back to Bunnings for warranty replacements 3 times. I work away week on week off came home from work to find that my taps were not shutting off whole yard flooded not sure how many days they were constantly running. but thanks for the excess water bill will never buy another Holman’s product again

Brenton (Elsternwick, Australia)

Does not turn off when programmed to. Can be stuck on for hours.
Manual mode does not work. Only stays on for 20 seconds.

Works okay but the app needs to be further improved

It seems to work as expected and is way more affordable compared to other bluetooth tap timers available in Bunnings. I also like its simple, low profile design that would hopefully make it less prone from being easily noticed and stolen, especially as I installed it on the tap in front of my house.

I just found the app a little hard to use and I think that it could use some more improvements. Some things I noticed:
- Whenever I start watering via manual mode, the timer does not seem to count down. There’s basically no indication to the user whether it is running or not. I installed the tap timer to control a drip line which made it really hard for me to check whether it is working without me taking a closer look at the drip line itself.
The only indication that it’s running is the animating tap icon. But if I close the app/move to another page within the app and get back to the manual watering tab, the tap icon does not animate anymore. It would be great if a countdown timer will be shown and not just the animating icon so users can easily determine the operating status of the tap timer.
- It would also be great if the app can store logs of its operation. Some useful information that can be included are:
- what date/time it ran
- how long it ran for
- how many litres of water the tap used (not sure if the tap timer itself has a flow meter feature)
Information about the tap timer’s operation history would give me better confidence that the device is working properly.

Other than those, so far so good. I hope the above points can help in improving the app!

Take full control of your garden watering and lighting with a Bluetooth® connection and a tap of your iPhone or Android.

There are five scheduling options available for the BTX1:

1. 7 Day – allows manual settings for each individual day

2. Interval Days – watering will occur every few days, as set by the user. Ideal for homes with automated watering restrictions.

3. Odd Days – watering will occur on the odd days of the month, with the option to skip the 31st of the month. Ideal for homes with automated watering restrictions.

4. Even Day – watering will occur on the even days of the month. Ideal for homes with automated watering restrictions.

5. Cycle – watering schedule will observe an allocated delay time and water for the allocated run time on selected days. Ideal for misting systems, GreenWalls and greenhouses.

A manual watering option is also available when using the BTX1.

Holman BTX1 Bluetooth Tap Timer
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iOS App Store

Tech Specs

  • Product Code: BTX1
  • Outlets: 1
  • Connection: 20/25mm BSP Tap Fitting
  • Power source: 1× 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Packaging measurements: 120 × 168 × 200mm
  • Net weight: 0.4kg
  • Gross weight: 0.4kg
  • Barcode: 9319841509094
  • Patent no: 2015240438


  • Control up to 8× BTX1 tap timers from the iGardener™ App
  • Available for iOS from the App Store
  • Available for Android from Google Play
  • Long run times of up to 23hrs 59mins
  • Easy to program and run
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Bluetooth range of up to 20m
  • Full control of watering schedule