Autumn Gardening Jobs

Make the most of this Easter long weekend by tackling these Autumn gardening jobs and enjoy the best of the season while preparing for the upcoming winter months.

There are still plenty of routine jobs like weeding and deadheading to be done during Autumn. But the nights are getting longer, and temperatures are dropping.  With less daylight in the evenings now, more onerous outdoor tasks must be done on the weekends.  Make the most of this Easter long weekend by tackling these Autumn gardening jobs and enjoy the best of the season while preparing for the upcoming winter months.  


As the daylight shortens and the nights get cooler, plant growth slows. The warm environment of a greenhouse is a welcome change from cooler conditions outside, and plants respond to these favourable conditions with increased growth. 

Now is the perfect time to deep clean the greenhouse and move potted plants in before winter sets in. The weather is still warm enough to move plants outside for the day, giving you time to clean your greenhouse thoroughly. Pay attention to hard-to-reach areas where pests can lurk and hibernate during winter months. Move container-grown summer plants and herbs, such as basil, tomatoes, strawberries and zucchini, to the greenhouse and enjoy their extended growing season!


Plants confined to containers require more attention than those planted in the ground. Pamper your flowering annuals and perennials in containers and raised beds to ensure their best performance. Regular trimming promotes continued blooms and maintains neat, tidy foliage. As the weather cools down, prepare your garden beds for winter and continue growing herbs and veggies. Radishes, mustard greens, watercress, and winter lettuce are great choices for winter salads. For a visually appealing effect, grow winter lettuces in a shallow container using multi-coloured seedlings, such as a mesclun mix.


Regularly rake up fallen leaves from your lawn and turn them into leaf mould, an excellent soil conditioner. To make leaf mould, simply store leaves in a container, such as a garbage bag with holes poked in it. Leaf mould can be used as mulch, a soil improver, or mixed into homemade compost, making it a versatile addition to your garden. If you’re in a warm climate, feed tropical shrubs like hibiscus and frangipani, as well as evergreen fruit trees, with a low nitrogen, high potassium fertilizer. The 1L QuikMix Spray Gun can be used to apply the fertilizer directly from your hose. Additionally, take advantage of the long winter nights by uplighting trees and shrubs with spotlights, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening.


Autumn is a crucial time for lawn care, and the Easter weekend is an ideal opportunity to start the annual maintenance that will rejuvenate your lawn. As the weather cools, begin mowing less frequently since grass growth will slow down. Raking out thatch, aerating, and top-dressing your lawn are essential steps to recover from a summer of activities. For patches of weeds, use a lawn weedkiller applied with our Pump-Free Garden Sprayers, ensuring it’s specifically formulated for lawns to prevent grass damage. In autumn, feed your lawn a low-nitrogen fertiliser to encourage strong root growth without promoting soft, sappy growth. As temperatures drop, your lawn will require more macronutrients to maintain overall plant health and root strength.

Click here for more tips on how to keep your lawn healthy through winter. 

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