EzySpray™ 5L Pump-Free Garden Sprayer

Adding fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides to your garden or lawn has never been easier. Our brand new, self pressurised garden sprayer allows you to maintain your garden, without any manual pumping! The EzySpray™ is filled directly from your garden hose and the pressure gauge allows you to easily check water and air pressure levels.

  • No pumping required
  • Fill directly from your garden hose
  • Sprays from full to empty
  • Double-check valve for backflow protection
  • Adjustable spray head with 4 x patterns
  • Release valve for accidental over filling (releases water)
  • 5L capacity

Tank Size: 5L
  • EzySpray 3L Garden Sprayer
  • EzySpray 5L Garden Sprayer
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View our helpful FAQ article to answer:

  • Why is there a schrader valve installed on the unit – do I need a bike pump to use the EzySpray®?
  • Will the EzySpray™ completely empty the tank of water?
  • How do I add fertiliser or herbicide to the EzySpray™?
  • What if I overfill the EzySpray® from the tap?
  • What if I have low water pressure from my garden tap?
  • When I disconnect the garden hose from the EzySpray™ after filling it sprays excess water – how can I prevent this?


ColourGrey / Green / Orange
Capacity (L)5
Adjustable Spray TipYes
Pump ActionNo
Maximum Pressure (kPa)5Bar (500kPa)
Minimum Tap Pressure to Fill Tank(kPa)3.5Bar (350kPa)



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nick (Adelaide, Australia)
Great idea in theory but

Went through 2 of these, first use on both was fantastic, worked exactly as expected, only issue at the time was the splash back when disconnecting the hose (included shut off adapter does nothing to reduce splash back. after first use chemical would not 'plunge' into tank, rather spat out of hose connection. used thumb to block hose connection and had reasonable success, until connecting hose when pressure seemed to force leaks from plunger rather than fill tank. Holman advised to exchange for new. did so. second model worked as expected first use but with some leakage at spray trigger. unscrewed to apply some plumbing tape only to find plastic thread had split straight through. returned for refund and am yet to buy anything else.

Bianca (Sydney, Australia)
Good sprayer

Handy little sprayer for keeping on top of all the garden jobs.

Jonathon Moss (Sydney, Australia)
Waste of money

Just got mine - tried adding additive and it just keeps coming out hose connection or back up the shaft.
Would not buy again and recommend people don’t buy this product unless using additives of less than 20ml.

stephen goodman (Brisbane, Australia)
Waste of money

First time and since poison flys out the filling inlet when you you try to push the plunger in. You need to fit the filling attachment first( instructions did not say this. Now after about 5 refills it loses the air pressure. Waste of money

Good while it worked

I purchased the ezy spray in Seotember 2022. I loved it when I used it and I really have not used it that much, very easy no pumping. I went to use it this morning and the plastic handle broke, it can still be used but not very comfortable. It is only 1year and 5 months old, I don't think it lasted long enough!

Bruce SCAF (Brisbane, Australia)
Absolute garbage

1. Took a long time and multiple efforts to add additive in liquid form.
2. Inlet valve connector internally disconnected once water pressure was applied. Went direct from the hose after that.
3. The wand came out of the handle after short time spraying and had to manually tighten
4. Solution was leaking back out from the plunger
5. End of the spray hose connection was leaking through what seemed like a damaged hose
6. Despite following instructions and ensuring all connections were neatly connected, these multiple failures occurred.

Dolores Leary (Brisbane, Australia)

Hopeless. Nothing works as advertised. I returned mine to Bunnings yesterday.

Michael Stanton-Cook (Sydney, Australia)
No Wand Storage

After using the 5L EZY Spray I was disappointed that there was no storage arrangement for the wand and its attachments. As a smart gardener I came up with a modification, which probably voids my warranty. With the use of a hacksaw and a round file I fashioned a slot to accommodate the wand. This could have easily been done in the manufacture of the grab handle.

GC8030L EzySpray Logo

Under pressure


GC8050 EzySpray 5L Pump Free Garden Sprayer

Australian engineered

Watch what makes the EzySpray™… so easy

Holman EzySpray 5L logo

Under pressure


Pump-Free Garden Sprayer

The self pressurised tank means no manual pumping, ever.

GC8050 EzySpray 5L Pump Free Garden Sprayer 2

Adding water

Fill directly from your garden hose and start spraying.

EzySpray garden sprayer - Filling from hose

Dual connection

Fill using the standard 12mm connection, or swap it our for 18mm.

EzySpray garden sprayer - 12mm hose connection

Clear measurements

Keep an eye on pressure and water levels with the in-built gauge.

EzySpray 5L Pressure Gauge

An all-rounder for any garden

Add herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers directly to the tank.

EzySpray garden sprayer - Putting in additives

Australian engineered

Watch what makes the EzySpray™… so easy

Use me for:

GC8050 EzySpray 5L Pump Free Garden Sprayer
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Spray Functions: Jet, Cone, Shower, Mist
  • Min. Tap Pressure to Fill EzySpray™ Tank: 350kPa (3.5 Bar)
  • Max. Pressure: 500kPa (5 Bar)
  • Wand Hose Length: 118cm
  • Handheld: Yes
5 Litre EzySpray Packaging Cutout
  • EzySpray™ Tank
  • Dual End Hose
  • Trigger Gun
  • Metal Wand
  • Multi-Function Spray Head

Download the user guide here:

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