WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product
WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller
WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller EVIE Sensor
WX8RS Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller with EVIE Sensor Packaging SAWM
Connecting WX8 to Holman Home YouTube
WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product

WX8 Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller with EVIE Sensor

Powered by Holman Home, the WX8 8 Station Wi‑Fi Irrigation Controller with EVIE Sensor is the ultimate way to control your irrigation from anywhere with an internet connection. Compatible with existing irrigation systems, the WX8 connects up to 8 solenoid valves for free and easy control, anywhere on the globe. With an added rain sensor, the Evaporative Intelligent Eco Sensor automatically adjusts your watering schedule based off your climate conditions.

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WX Wi-Fi Range: WX8 Controller & Evie Sensor
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  • WX8 Wi-Fi 8 Station Irrigation Controller with Holman Home
  • WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bruiser (Moana, Australia)
Top product

I was given the Bluetooth model for Christmas but realised I wanted a wifi unit.took it back and got this one.I had a couple of goes pairing it to my wifi and then out of frustration I followed the instructions and presto.awesome.
I had to do 2 firmware upgrades no problems so I have the latest software. I have named the zones and can give the garden a top up on those hot days without getting out of my chair.i reason I will save water as I can turn the unit off from anywhere if it looks like rain.
I haven’t used the Evie unit as I can easily tun it off when it is raining.I think it would be better to sell the unit without the Evie module
In summary awesome product and good for Adelaide summer

Scott Martin (Brisbane, Australia)
First one was unable to connect to WiFi, replacement is great!

Got off to a rough start after purchasing this from Bunnings. Could not get it to connect to the WiFi. After multiple calls to Holman, we determined it was faulty. Bunnings exchanged it without issue and the replacement connected perfectly first time. The app function is great and the master zone feature is excellent. The EVIE sensor is interesting - says wet but haven’t had much rain. Takes a while to evaporate. Will monitor it.
Overall good build quality and functional unit.
Only one star taken off for the initial faulty unit.

John Warren (Perth, Australia)
Great Product

I was looking for an affordable irrigation controller for summer and came across this Wi-Fi one at Bunnings. Definitely the cheapest on the market so I was sceptical. Wiring is easy as a normal controller and the setup through the phone was straightforward also. It does everything you expect from an irrigation controller but it has so many more functions when you dive down the smart automations. With this rain cup it just turns the watering off when it’s wet. This is awesome and an additional feature that I love.

Holman Home WX8 Wifi Irrigation Controller 7-day schedule

Holman Home Smartphone App
works with

Control your garden from anywhere in the world with Holman Home. The WX8 is built for Holman Home, allowing full control of up to 8× watering zones from anywhere the internet is available. Check your EVIE Sensor and watering status at any time.

3× Start Patterns
for Flexible Watering Schedules

Schedule your watering patterns exactly how you need them, with 3× starting patterns, 8× watering stations, and 7-day selection.

Holman Home watering zones
Holman Home WX8 Wifi Irrigation Controller start times

Manual watering controls with custom run durations

Run any start pattern or zone, right now, when you need it. Simply pick your configuration, set your watering duration, and tap DONE.

Holman Home WX8 wifi irrigation controller manual watering control
Holman Home WX8 Wifi Irrigation controller manual timer

Check the status, wherever you are

In the garden, at the office or even on the other side of the world. As long as you have internet access, you can check on the status of your watering schedules.

Holman Home status check WX8 Wifi Irrigation Controller
Holman Home anywhere on the globe


  • For use with smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android
  • Control with Holman Home, available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Connect via Wi-Fi through your home 2.4GHz network
  • Control up to 8 watering zones
  • Schedule up to 3 different run times, to then allocate to any zone
  • Multiple day selection options from 7-day week
  • Manual START/STOP controls available onboard the controller
  • Program to meet water restrictions *
  • Watering OFF function when EVIE Sensor detects water

* Programming abilities are subject to your local water authority — be sure to consult them for current watering restrictions.

WX8RS Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller with EVIE Sensor Packaging SAWM

Water from anywhere
with iOS and Android

Holman Home available on iOS and Android
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play