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What is Smart Approved WaterMark?

Smart Approved WaterMark help companies across Australia, Europe and USA to certify water efficient products and services. They also provide information to communities about smart watering saving practices at home and in the garden. After completing an application process with proven water-saving results, these products or services are licensed to use the Smart Approved WaterMark logo on packaging, point of sale information, website and marketing materials.

The team at Smart Approved WaterMark also;

How are we using the approval?

As an irrigation company, we are taking steps to ensure that we support good environmental practices, especially water conservation and water-efficient products. That is why we have joined the Smart Approved WaterMark and Water Corporation Waterwise programs. Our new range of smart products have been proven to have water-saving results, keep an eye out for the icons below on our packaging to determine which of our our products are more water-saving!

Smar Approved WaterMark Logo

Products displaying the Smart Approved WaterMark logo have been independently tested to prove their water saving features. These products have been judged by an expert panel to meet four criteria; is the product water saving, is it fit for purpose, does it meet regulations and standards and is the product environmentally sustainable?

Along with an entire registry of over 300 water-saving products and services, Smart Approved WaterMark also offer a range of smart water advice, and smart water solutions to help you make the most water conscious decisions.

Water Corporation Waterwise Logo

By having our products tested and judged by Smart Approved WaterMark, this has also allowed us to join the Water Corporation Waterwise endorsement program in Western Australia. This program provides customers the most up to date Waterwise advice and services. It also provides an opportunity for our approved products to feature the Waterwise logo on any packaging.

WATERWISE & SAWM – Reference: 204_P001 | 204_P002 | 204_P003 | 204_P004

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