Large Shaker Spray on Weighted Base

  • 75m² max circular coverage
  • ⌀10m (5m radius) throw
  • Ideal for SMALL lawns
  • Resist wind with larger drops
  • Full Circle LOW volume sprinkler
  • Ideal for LOW & NORMAL pressure
  • Provides even water distribution
  • Very reliable operation with only 1 moving part

Shaker Sprinkler Type: Large Shaker Weighted Base
  • SH3300 Large Shaker Spray Head
  • 7450H Large Shaker Spray on Weighted Base
  • 7448H Mini Shaker Spray with Plastic Spike
  • Lawn Sprinklers - Mini Shaker Spray Head

Additional information

Lawn Size

Small Lawn

Shaker Sprinkler Type

Large Shaker Weighted Base





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