102636 6mm x 25m Dripscape Mini Drip Tube

6mm x 25m Dripscape Mini Drip Tube

The Dripscape Mini is a 6mm drip line irrigation system for applying precise amounts of water to small garden areas and pots via integrally moulded drippers that are installed during the manufacture of the tubes so that no extra nozzles are required.

Dripscape Mini delivers a uniform water application, achieves substantial water savings, reduces evaporation, plant disease and weed growth. It is ideal for converting an existing spray system into a drip line system, as it can be installed above ground or under mulch, and is great for running around existing trees to form a watering ring. This can simulate the drip line of the foliage and applies water to the root zone where it is most effective.

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Dimensions280 × 65 × 280 mm