13mm x 30m Techline Reclaimed Water Irrigation Drip Tube

Holman Reclaimed Water Drip Line is a 13mm (ID) inline drip irrigation system for supplying precise amounts of reclaimed water to lawns, garden beds & landscaped areas. The purple colour denotes an industry standard for the use of reclaimed water and highlights this is not fit for human consumption. The reclaimed water is supplied via calibrated drippers within the pipe, each of these are spaced every 300mm. The drippers are installed at the time of the pipe’s manufacture and they are permanently inside the pipe.

  • 30 metre coil
  • Use standard 13mm poly fittings
  • Drippers spaced every 300mm
  • Maximum run length 50 metres
  • 8.0 L/ph drippers
  • 10–400 kPa operating pressure
  • NOT pressure compensated

Length: 30m
Reclaimed Water: Suitable
Available at Bunnings
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Weight3.5 kg