200mm Stackable Irrigation Stake

The stake is hit into the ground, located right next to your micro spray, before being clipped onto the 4mm rigid riser to hold it upright. This helps keep micro sprays & micro jets pointing in the correct direction to water the garden. They come in two sizes, a 200mm & 300mm version. These stackable stakes have a great feature at the top of each product, where they can stack into each other.

This allows for the riser tube to be replaced over time, to match up with the growing vegetation, and simply stack on another stake to clip onto the riser to cope with the extra height. Each stake has a sharp point to help penetrate into most soils, while the other end has a wide pad to help being hit as it works it’s way into the ground. Once it is at the correct height, simply clip in the rigid riser tube to the C shape clip.

Stake Size: 200mm
  • SH2720 200mm Stackable Irrigation Stake
  • SH2730 300mm Stackable Irrigation Stake
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Additional information
Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 210 mm