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The Easter break is the perfect time to spend some more time in the garden!

Whether it’s starting your own veggie garden, installing new Garden Lights or setting up a Greenhouse – the long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get started on these DIY Garden Projects. One of our favourite projects to try is getting up your own Vertical GreenWall, check out our video to see how easy it is.


Sheltered from wind, rain and the cold, Greenhouses are the perfect solution for growing your own seedlings! They allow you to control the temperature and humidity, so you can grow seeds at any time of the year. When positioning your Greenhouse, take a look at your local climate. In warmer cities, where the temperature reaches over 30º, a slightly shady or protected location is required.

Our 4 Tier Greenhouse can be assembled in around 30 minutes! It includes a misting system so you can always keep your seedlings and small plants happy. Just pair with a Tap Timer and you’re good to go!

DIY Garden Projects - 4 Tier Greenhouse


Create the ultimate statement piece, either for your home garden or a commercial environment with our GreenWall® range! GreenWalls are a great solution for smaller spaces or apartments where ground gardening isn’t available. These allow you to easily liven up any wall by growing your own range of decorative plants and even succulents.

Depending on your space available, we have a different range of GreenWalls that are perfect for all situations. If you have a large wall that needs to be covered, our Vertical Planting Kit is your way to go. Or if you are renting and want something that you can move around easily, our Mobile GreenWall will allow you to grow a large range of plants, wherever!

Easter Projects - Mobile GreenWall


If you want some more fun DIY garden projects that will keep the kids entertained for hours, why not teach them about planting with their own garden bed? Our Raised Garden Beds are modular, so they are super quick and easy to set up. You can try some of these quick-growing herbs and veggies:

Leafy Greens: Are a great option in shallow areas as the roots do not require a lot of space. You can get started with greens such as lettuce, kale, spinach and rocket.

Snow Peas: This fast-growing climbing plant is a great option that kids can eat straight from the veggie patch. Keep in mind that these peas do not like a lot of direct sunlight, so they are the perfect starter to grow over winter and spring

Carrots: One of the more exciting vegetables to grow and eat, carrots can act as a hidden surprise and be fun for kids to pull from the soil when they are ready to eat. Carrots can grow in many different shapes, sizes and colours!

DIY Garden Projects - Raised Garden Bed


The new emerging trend of frog hotels is becoming more popular across Australia, specifically in Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney, where we are seeing a decreased population of tree frogs. By building a Frog Hotel, we are able to give them a better chance of survival with temporary homes. Whether you want a fun project for the weekend, or nature is a bit more of your thing, we’ll show you how to build your own Frog Hotel, to keep our little friends happy coming into Autumn and Winter.

Please keep in mind that these only suit tree frogs as they are able to climb up slippery surfaces with their suction pads! Check out our blog here on how to make your own, out of PVC pipe!

DIY Garden Projects - Frog Hotel


Well placed spotlights draw attention to feature plants while strategically placed path lights make gardens feel expansive. Lighting can add mood and character to a home BBQ or outdoor party. Our Wi-Fi controlled Garden Lighting range is a great option for an easy DIY project. Allowing you to increase the visibility of your garden and the security of your home now that daylight savings have finished. Our Plug + Socket System allows you to set up and install all of the lights yourself, by simply daisy-chaining each light together from the main controller. We have some handy blogs on how to set up your own garden lights here!

installing lights yourself border lights

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