6 Tips for a Water Wise Garden

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Protect your garden through stressful hot summers with these 6 tips

1. Soil Wetting Agent

Apply a soil wetting agent to assist water penetration in lawns and garden beds. Wetting agents not only increase water absorption but also improve efficiency of any fertilisers used, reduce water run-off and help eliminate dry patches. Wetting agents increase water absorption into soil, encouraging deeper root growth and ultimately less watering is required.

Choose a product that is earthworm and water run off friendly.

Wetting Agent

2. Mulch

Mulching garden beds is essential in Australian summers. An effective mulch will reduce the frequency of watering and keep you plants happy and heat-stress free. There is a variety of mulches available and some are better than others at water retention. Opt for a mulch that is more decomposed or broken down that hard wood mulch. Mulch will also smother weeds and add organic matter into the soil as it breaks down, which is beneficial to soil micro-organisms.


3. Irrigation

When watering on very hot days it is important to maximise water efficiency by watering as close to the roots as possible in garden beds. Water that sprays through the air risks a certain amount of evaporation before it reaches the soil. We suggest using a dripping hose laid across a garden bed, which delivers water straight onto the soil.

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Dripper Hose

4. Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn watering can be optimised by choosing a sprinkler that has a powerful wind resistant jet spray like our tough metal or plastic impact sprinklers, which are ideal for medium to large lawns and are adjustable from 0-360o.

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Impact Sprinkler

5. Tap Timers

Watering in the coolest parts of the day is ideal in hot summers. If waking up at 5am to water the garden isn’t your idea of a perfect morning, opt for a tap timer which does the job for you. You can choose from a range of manual, digital or Bluetooth® tap timers or controllers, for backyards that may have multiple watering zones.

Bluetooth® Tap Timers and Irrigation Controllers (BTX1 Smart Valve, BTX6 Indoor Controller, BTX8 Outdoor Controller) are conveniently scheduled on a smart phone using Bluetooth technology. A range of scheduling options are available, which will suit specific watering day requirements or the ability to create customised schedules. Connect a multiple outlet tap timer to maximise the use of a single tap (like our WaterWhiz™ 200 or WaterWhiz™ 400).

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6. Plant grouping

Group together plants with similar watering needs. Native plants, succulents and cacti will require much less water than leafy green decorative plants and vegies. This is easily done with pot plants, but may require forward planning for established garden beds.

Plant Grouping

2 responses on “6 Tips for a Water Wise Garden

  1. Craig Ford says:

    Really surprised and disappointed that I couldn’t find any information on the website relating to planning and installing an irrigation system. Would have thought that would be an obvious thing for a company that manufactures watering products.

    • Nathan says:

      Hi Craig,

      Great suggestion on the irrigation planner. We’re currently in the process of building on our blog and it’s definitely on our list of future posts.

      Is there anything we can do to help you specifically in the meantime? If it helps, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service team at 1300 716 188 or service@holmanindustries.com.au.

      Kind regards,


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