Sprinkler Extension Riser

Holman Sprinkler Extension Riser raises sprinkler heads & spray heads so they can perform to their best. Many uses include installing onto metal spikes, into sprinkler bases or into poly pipe irrigation systems. Stackable: In established gardens & landscapes, sprinklers may need to be raised to improve their coverage & performance. The Sprinkler Extension Risers can be screwed together to stack and over come heavy, thick foliage and improve the coverage, provided by your sprinkler. Install in either direction: At either end of the extension is a 1/2″ BSP thread. One end is male, one end is female. The female end can be either screwed onto a metal spike or into a sprinkler base using the male threaded end.

Additional information
Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions215 × 31 × 31 mm