⌀12mm × 2m Multi-Purpose Garden Hose

The 2m Multi-Purpose Garden Hose is a classic garden hose, designed to be used around the house and garden. The convenient 2m hose gives you the additional length you need to connect to the water inlet when you just can’t reach. With kink-resistant features and reinforced webbing for a superior hose. Its UV Protective coating will protect the hose against the harsh Aussie sun. Both ends of the hose come with removable fittings – a 20/25mm BSP Tap Connector to screw onto your garden tap and 12mm Snap-on Connector for connection to a hose gun or nozzle.

  • Reinforced webbed construction
  • 12mm hose fittings included
  • 1000 kPa burst pressure
  • UV protected against the harsh Australian sun
  • 2m Length

Additional information
Weight0.32 kg
Dimensions2000 × 12 × 12 mm
Hose Length


Fitting Size