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As we welcome autumn and its cooler temperatures, a change in season provides the perfect excuse to get stuck into a few outdoor home maintenance jobs (that in all honesty, we’ve been avoiding since spring!)

Keeping gutters clean from assorted debris is an integral and ongoing task for all homeowners. Poorly managed stormwater systems can cause erosion and permanent damage to your home and landscape, as well as carry chemical pollutants, litter and sediments to waterways.

Why Clean Your Gutters?

Gutters control the flow of rainwater protecting your roof, walls and the foundation of your home. They connect to downpipes that collect and redistribute rainwater around your property or into a stormwater sump or soakwell. In addition to protecting your home, clean gutters and well managed stormwater systems can replace imported water for uses where high quality water is not required, such as garden watering.

A gutter filled with leaves and debris can result in roof leaks and water damage to the interior and exterior foundations of your home. Clogged gutters also provide the perfect home for an array of unwanted house guests including rodents, pests and mould. If gone neglected, your guttering has the potential to turn into a costly nightmare.

Project Tools

1 x a sturdy ladder
1 x pair of thick gloves
1 × bucket
1 × wire hook
1 × dust pan brush
1 × garden hose
1 × spray gun or nozzle with a jet spray setting—we used the Multi Function Gun with Thumb Control

A DIY Guide to cleaning your gutters

As you’ll be working with a ladder, double check your local forecast or weather station to ensure it won’t be too windy while you’re working.

Step 1

As with any DIY activity, it’s important to work safely. Ensure you ladder is set up on a flat surface and is propped up securely. Wearing protective footwear is highly recommended. Once your ladder is set, hook your bucket onto the edge of the gutter. Inspect your gutters from all angles to ensure they are secure and haven’t come away from the fascia.

Step 2

Early autumn provides the best conditions for cleaning gutters as debris will be dry and easier to clear away. Wearing thick protective gloves, use a brush to remove built up leaves and debris from the guttering, paying close attention to the spout. You will need to remove and clean any downpipe strainers to prevent stormwater blockages.

Step 3

Once clear from debris, use the jet setting on the hose gun to give your gutters a quick rinse moving towards the downpipe. When clean, inspect for any blockages, leaks or seepage. Regular clearing and maintenance will prevent future water damage and drainage problems.

Step 4

To prolong the cleanliness of your gutters, we recommend investing in a gutter mesh. Gutter mesh offers a reliable solution for both residential and commercial buildings by preventing debris falling into gutters and downpipes. You can find gutter mesh at your local hardware store.

Step 5

Once you have completed cleaning the gutters, the next step would be to inspect the downpipes for any leaks or damage. Holman offer the full range of stormwater pipes and fittings, which you can view in our Plumbing Catalogue.

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