Discontinued – Multi Function Gun with Thumb Control

— This product has been discontinued —

Ultra-Light Thumb Control on our Multi-Function Gun provides the perfect range of pressure for watering.

The Holman Multi-Function Gun features our new Ultra Light Thumb Control which means you control on/off and adjust the spray volume on each function with just a push of the lever. It has an ergonomic designed ultra-light lever that is easy to adjust by simply pushing up or down also a large easy grip handle. The printing is large making it is easy to read. This is ideal for the elderly and young as it is easy and light to move and control. This is a sturdy easy to use functional gun that will make watering a pleasure.

  • Patented Bubble function
  • Flow control
  • Hard wearing rubber
  • Ultra light thumb control
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Jet, Bubble, Flat, Shower and Mist Spray Functions

Additional information
Weight0.247 kg
Dimensions132 × 67 × 192 mm
Tech Sheet

Tech Sheet

Product Code: 6552H
Materials: Rubber/Plastic/Metal
Packaging Dimensions: 65mm × 230mm × 160mm
Product Dimensions: 65mm × 200mm × 150mm
Product Weight: 276g
Bunnings Fine Line: 3111081



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
graeme (Melbourne, Australia)
leaks like a sieve

It now about 2 yrs old and it won't turn off properly - leaks permanently

Jay George (Melbourne, Australia)
Good functions, big leaks.

Paid $20 from Bunnings, good functions including the flood feature. Unfortunately started leaking heavily from base of handle after 5 weeks.

Arasu Singaram (Point Cook, Australia)
The best Multi Function Gun so far!

The best Multi Function Gun I have used so far. No problems for over three years now. I want to buy a new one but sad to see it is not stocked in Bunnings anymore.

Roger Costello (Perth, Australia)
Good at first

This spray gun is excellent when first used, it offers easy control of flow and pattern and because the thumb operation of the flow valve does not require pressure to maintain flow it is relaxing to use with useful choices of spray patterns. I have had three of them now in four week and all have started to leak from the base of the handle after a few days. The water sprays from the leak in multiple directions for several metres unless you hold your hand around the leak and put up with water pouring down your arm. Every other aspect of the design and construction is great but this fault is a dealbreaker. Bunnings are happy to keep exchanging them but I had hoped they would last substantially more than a year, certainly not a few days. I hope they sort out the problem because this is otherwise a very good product.