DIY Outdoor Lighting Designs

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Make the most of your garden after dark, by illuminating your outdoor entertaining space.

Well placed spotlights draw attention to feature plants while strategically placed path lights make gardens feel expansive, adding mood and character to a home BBQ or party. Our Bluetooth® controlled Garden Lighting range is a great option for DIY enthusiasts looking to increase the visibility of their gardens and security of their homes.

Design Considerations

Always map out a plan for your garden before you start ensuring that key features are highlighted, and important pathways are well lit. Design considerations should always include:

  • Pointing spotlights away from people’s eyes so they reflect off a wall or a tree and bring features to life.
  • Placing cables where they are not a tripping hazard, we recommend hiding these under mulch in the garden beds.
  • Making use of highly reflective surfaces like painted walls so the maximum amount of light is disbursed.
  • Utilise path lights along walkways to create a statement entrance or illuminate the statement features of your home. If you prefer something less obtrusive, opt for deck lights for patios or stair cases.
  • Position your lights to deliver soft lighting across the area families and guests gather, such as the BBQ or dining area.

Lighting Styles

We have a wide range of Warm White and RGB colour lighting options, these include:

Warm White lights are the best option for visibility, while the RGB Colour range is perfect for adding character. Our coloured lights have a red, green and blue LED so they can make any colour on the spectrum. The Holman iGardener™ app has a great selection of pre-programmed special effects to make the lights change over time. For more information, refer to our manuals for Android and iOS.

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