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A time saver in the garden.

Efficiently spray additives onto your lawn, garden and plants with our QuikMix™ Spray Guns. With 8 dilution levels, the QuikMix™ adjusts the amount of water mixing with your chosen additive.  Add fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides to your sprayer to keep your garden looking its best.

Step 1: Calculate the additive

Follow the instructions on your chosen herbicide, fertiliser or pesticide label to calculate the correct ratio of your additive.

EzySpray 5L self pressurising tank cutout

Step 2: Fill the tank

Fill the QuikMix™ Spray Gun tank with your additive. If you are using a concentrate, follow the directions on the additive’s label.

Step 3: Apply the mix

Use the 8 different dilution levels to mix your additive with the steady water flow. Spray evenly across your lawn or garden.

Use me for:

Adding fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides directly to the tank, or use it for light hand watering around the yard.

QuikMix™ Videos

For more information and tutorials, check out our YouTube Channel.

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