Mobile GreenWall

Mobile GreenWall

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GW0005-Mobile Planting Kit GreenWall

Our mobile GreenWall is an engineered platform that is designed to make hanging or vertical gardens easy to set up and maintain in an Australian yard, even if that is now an apartment balcony.


GreenWalls or living walls have been known since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon before the birth of Christ. The gardens of today tend to be a lot smaller and typically a courtyard or alfresco area. The Holman Mobile GreenWall offers many possibilities for the home gardener to bring modern greenery into their lives. It is an engineered mobile frame that is designed to be functional and maintained easily in an outdoor area or even an apartment balcony.

The Mobile GreenWall can be wheeled to follow the sun or shade depending on your plant types. Greenwall will allow you to transform any area into a lovely growing space. The system is easy to set up and importantly incorporates an irrigation system. This enables you to grow a herb or vegetable garden near your kitchen or BBQ area and makes a colourful and welcoming statement for your alfresco area. Australia’s harsh summers mean that watering is the key to successfully growing your Mobile GreenWall and ensure it has a stable platform from which you can hang pots but it also has a professional watering system that delivers controlled amounts of water into each individual pot.


GW0005-Mobile Planting Kit GreenWall
  • Product Code: GW0005
  • Brand: HOLMAN
  • Product dimensions: 35 × 96 × 32mm
  • Package dimensions: 35 × 45 × 28mm
  • Weight: 2.0kg


  • A convenient frame that allows pots to be hung and removed easily
  • Mobile, meaning that it can be easily wheeled from one location to another.
  • A watering system included so that water can be accurately delivered to each pot. Easily assembled frame and watering system.
  • Black finish to complement any Alfresco area.
  • Fully included watering system.
  • Connect multiple GreenWalls together then simply attach a hose to water all your pots simultaneously.
  • Uses 9 small convenient pots, two large pots & clever drippers.
  • Simply add your own plants or flowers to create beautiful displays.
  • Full colour retail packaging (barcoded) with comprehensive instructions.
  • Hang & Grow in 30 minutes.



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