Digital Remote Control

Digital Remote Control

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The Holman Digital Remote Control is designed to retrofit to any major brand of irrigation controller.
The Digital Remote unit will allow the user to conveniently turn designated watering stations on and off whilst being located up to 100 metres away from the irrigation controller location.
The Digital Remote will work with irrigation controllers with up to a maximum of 12 output stations or valves.

A. Remote Control Hand piece.
This unit has 12 buttons numbered 1 through 12. It also has a red LED light that indicates when the unit is transmitting wireless signals
The remote control is powered by a single 12 volt 23A Battery.
The remote control hand piece should be kept in a dry place. it should be kept dry at all times, as it is not designed to be waterproof Pay particular attention to this when the unit is in use in the garden.

B. Remote Control Receiver.
The remote control receiver is positioned near to the existing irrigation controller.
The plastic enclosure of the Receiver is water proof so long as it is positioned vertically with the wiring tail to the bottom.
The remote control receiver is powered by 24 volts ac taken from the existing irrigation controller. This means it is safe for the DIY person to do the installation with out risk of electrocution.
The remote control receiver will receive the message from the remote control hand piece and initiate the turning on and off of the watering valves as per the message sent from the hand piece. The remote control receiver is pre wired with cables that must be connected to the irrigation controller field solenoid valve wiring as well as the 24vac power delivered from the irrigation controllers power supply.


Product Code: DRC001

Download the Manual for the DRC001 Digital Remote Control