Grow From Seed in a Holman Greenhouse with a Misting System

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The Holman 4 tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit creates a perfectly humid environment ideal for growing plants in.

It is designed as a DIY and easy to assemble product, and its narrow size is great for gardens, courtyards and balconies. The 4 tier system provides ample space to grow a wide range of seedlings all year round.

4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit: Product Specs

Greenhouse Competition

7 Reasons why the Greenhouse and Misting Kit is the Perfect Companion for any Home Gardener

  • Give yourself a constant supply of seedlings throughout the year
  • 4 shelves provide for ample room to grow a range of seedlings or cuttings
  • Save money by growing your own seedlings in this DIY nursery
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require any bolts, screws or tools
  • Durable powder coated metal construction that will withstand outdoor weather
  • Included transparent weatherproof cover with zips for easy access to protect your seedlings
  • Included misting nozzles as part of the irrigation system

Growing from seed has many advantages. It is the easiest option of growing heirloom varieties that most nurseries do not stock. Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties that have been selected and have had their seeds saved through multiple generations of families. Heirloom varieties have been bred and preserved for their flavour, and then for other qualities such as growing out of season. Most home gardeners grow seasonally, so heirloom varieties are perfect for the home garden. By contrast modern hybridised vegetables are bred for qualities that often come at the sacrifice of flavour – like their ability to be picked by machine, their ability to withstand the long transportation process between supermarkets and their ability to be refrigerated.

Overall, it’s very rewarding nurturing the full life cycle of a plant, starting with planting the seed and ending with harvest and saving seeds for the next season. Our Greenhouse allows you to do this easily and inexpensively in your own backyard.

Location of your Greenhouse

The seedlings in your Greenhouse will want a full sun to part sun outdoor position all year round depending on the climate of your location. If you live in a particularly hot city, where summer temperatures reach 30+ degrees, a secondary slightly shady or protected location will be required so your seedlings do not overheat. In especially windy or coastal locations, you may want to weigh down the base of the greenhouse with a heavy object like a brick to ensure it does not tip over in wind gusts. In addition, ensure any nearby branches aren’t close enough to tear the PVC cover. The Greenhouse is easy to move due to its smaller overall size so moving it seasonally is easily done.

Step 1

  • Lay out all the parts.
  • Assemble side panels that form the base and connect with two horizontal beams using the outside holes. Insert the third middle support beam.
  • Ensure you push the beams into the holes firmly.
  • Insert upright beams to build the next level and insert the side panels.

Step 2

  • Repeat Step 1 for remaining two levels.
  • Assemble roof beams by inserting into top most side panels and push in firmly.
  • Lay down the four supplied mesh shelf inserts.

Step 3

  • Connect the black poly pipe to one of the upright beams at the back of your Greehouse with the supplied clip. Attach just underneath the top most side panel.
  • Insert a second poly pipe into the L-shaped adapter to form a 90o angle. Trim it to the length of the greenhouse.
  • Extend the vertical poly pipe down to the bottom and connect with a second clip.
  • Insert hose connector to bottom most L-shaped adapter.

Step 4

  • To insert sprayers, first punch a hole in the top short polypipe using supplied puncher. Place sprayer holes one third and two thirds down the length of the polypipe.
  • Insert drippers, yellow end inside the polypipe.

Step 5

  • Unzip the door of the clear cover and pull it over the Greenhouse frame. Secure the cover ties at the base of the frame.

Step 5a

Step 6

  • To plant your seeds, use premium Seed Raising Mix for optimal results. Vermiculite can be used as a seed covering material. Vermiculite has excellent water retention properties and will help your seed trays hold moisture for longer.
  • Fill your seedling trays with Seed Raising Mix and gently smooth off any excess soil. Do not compact the soil.
  • Spray the soil with water before sowing your seeds.
  • Sprinkle two or three seeds per punnet (depending on the variety you are using), and lightly sprinkle Vermiculite or more Seed Raising Mix over the seeds to cover. Refer to your seed packet to see exactly how deep you should sow your seeds.
  • Give the finished seed trays another light spray of water and place them on the Greenhouse shelves.
  • You can also use Jiffy pellets to sow your seeds in. Place these handy pellets on a tray and pour 1-2 centimetres of water around them. The pellets will expand as they take up water. Add more water if required. Tear open the mesh at the top, insert your seed/s at their required depth.

Step 7

  • Once the plants are in place within the Greenhouse connect a hose from a tap and click it into the hose connection at the base of the Greenhouse.
  • We suggest connecting the polypipe system to a Holman Bluetooth Tap Timer. This will provide your seedlings with regular automatic watering.
  • We recommend watering once a day for 1 minute in cooler weather and 1-2 times a day for 2 minutes in warmer weather. Watering will vary depending on the location of your Greenhouse and how many seedling trays you have within it. We recommend checking the soil moisture after the first few waterings and altering your watering schedule as necessary.

Pro Tip

Opening and closing the cover door will regulate humidity and temperature of the Greenhouse. Keep the door open most days so your plants do not overheat, especially in summer. Closing the door on cold days and at night ensures your Greenhouse maintains a warmer temperature.

Pro Tip

5 responses on “Grow From Seed in a Holman Greenhouse with a Misting System

  1. Angela Elliott says:

    I have purchased one of these I live in Adelaide South Australia and I need to know in 1/2 summer do I leave it zipped up or will that cause extreme temperature inside and kill my seedlings or should I leave that up so the air flows freely

    • Rose Aitken says:

      Hi Angela, thank you for your comment. We have used the Greenhouse in Perth where summer temperatures range from high 20s to high 30s. Based on that climate we do leave the door open during the day to maximise airflow otherwise the seedlings do risk overheating. In winter, we would close the door on especially cold days.

      We hope that helps 🙂

      Holman Industries

  2. Sue says:

    I would love to win this Greenhouse. Because i grow my seeds in containers and it takes so long to grow.

    • Rose Aitken says:

      Hi Sue, thanks for reading our blog. The Greenhouse definitely speeds things up when raising seedlings from seed.

      We run all of our competitions on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to keep a lookout for the next one and submit an entry via one of those platforms.

      Holman Industries

  3. Nerelie says:

    Looks so easy to assemble.

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