10 Steps to Creating a Living GreenWall

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Holman × The Standard × The Garden Gurus

Our GreenWall™ range can accommodate a vast variety of locations around the outside of the house.

We teamed up with The Garden Gurus and visited The Standard in Perth to set up a beautiful set of GreenWall™ Vertical Planting Kits [GW1001] in their lush outdoor dining area 🌞🌞🌞 We chose hardy full-sun plants for this bright spot, knowing their watering needs will be taken care of with the built-in watering system. Our entire GreenWall™ range is DIY friendly and specifically designed to be installed at home with basic tools, so this living wall look can easily be transported to a corner of your courtyard or outdoor entertaining area.

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GreenWall™ Vertical Planting Kit


We recommend choosing plants based on your environment, and where your GreenWall™ will be located. Certain plants require a particular amount of direct sunlight and shade. Ensure your plant selection is suitable for the location of your GreenWall™.

Our wall receives 6-8 hours of filtered sunlight a day. We planted a variety of ferns, Devil’s Ivy and Moses in a Cradle. Download our handy plant selector chart for some great GreenWall™ plant ideas.

GreenWall™ Plant Selector 


As the plants are not in the ground, the pots require a really good quality potting mix to hold water and receive the right nutrients. We do not suggest using regular garden bed soil as it will harden and block the GreenWall™ drainage.

We recommend using coir peat mixed with good quality potting mix (30/70). This will ensure your plants receive all the essential nutrients and because has great water retention properties, your plants won’t dry too fast.

Coir peat
Coir peat

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