9L Galvanised Watering Can

The durable and robust metal watering can is used for general garden use to keep your vegetables and flowered plants watered. Two handles for easy balance and pouring and durable and robust material to suit the harsh Australian conditions.

  • Two handles for easy balance and pouring
  • Durable and robust metal construction
  • A galvanised rose enable the even distribution of water droplets
  • Watering can materials have been developed to suit the harsh Australian conditions
  • 9L capacity

Capacity: 9L
Available at Bunnings
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Additional information
Weight0.66 kg
Dimensions290 × 135 × 160 mm

Customer Reviews

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Laura Mavin (Brisbane, Australia)
Waste of money

Bought the "strong and durable" metal watering can to replace the plastic one that we had for probably 10 years, thinking it would last and be kinder to the environment. 3 weeks later it is leaking from the bottom of the spout.... don't waste your money.

Hi Laura,

Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear your watering can is leaking after 3 weeks, this sounds like a faulty product and should not have happened. If you have your receipt, please return it for a replacement. If not, please get in touch with our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au. They will be able to assist further with a replacement.

Holman Team

Sue (Perth, Australia)
Complete and utter rubbish!!!

Who would have thought leaving some water sitting in a galvanised watering can would rust the base? And to add insult to injury when I picked it up the handle attached to the side broke away.

What a laugh - on their website Holmans describe this watering can as strong and durable and suited to Australian conditions

Leaky can

Had my can 2 weeks and it leaked from bottom of spout. I was filling it up each evening to find it almost empty in the morning with a large wet patch beneath it. Picked it up by the handle to take it back to Bunnings and the handle fell off! Will buy a quality can online.

Karen Fletcher (Brisbane, Australia)
They are wonderful and really well made for the price.

I have one of these watering cans. They are wonderful and really well made for the price. I will purchase another when this one become stoo old to hold water. The handles allow for easy carrying and pouring.

Kaitlyn (Melbourne, Australia)
Won't break from sun damage

While I've had to replace the head and repair a leak at the base of the spout I'm pretty impressed how well it's held up with kids kicking it and getting caught up in the hose
I apriciate that it won't disintegrate with sun exposure and I'd love to see them be built to hold up to a little more rough housing in the future

Jens (Balaclava, Australia)
Leaks. How do you mess up the one thing the can has to do

The water doesn't stay in the can. It drips from the bottom-middle of the spout where there is clearly a very low quality join. Do not buy.


Water leaks out of the length of the spout meaning that the watering can Is not watertight and drips. The only place water should come out of a watering can is the end of the spout. Not impressed.

Chu Tam

Had this only a few years and it’s already rusted on the bottom and leaking water. The handles are flat and really painful to hold when full of water. I had to wrap it with a rope to make it more comfortable. Would not recommend.

Sam Smith

The perfect watering can. I have had mine for years. It’s very sturdy.

L Bennett

The perfect watering can! Sturdy and comfortable to use. I love the classic design too.