50mm Solvent Weld PVC Ball Valve

Class 18

The Holman 50mm Solvent Weld PVC Ball Valve is used for all aspects of back of wall plumbing applications and irrigation through mainline water. Ball Valves have an on and off mechanism. Watermark Approved fitting, manufactured to AS/NZS 1477 standard.

  • 50mm
  • Shuts off water flow
  • Solvent Welded
  • On/Off Manual Operation
  • Operating Pressure: 150PSI

Size: 50mm
SKUVBS50 Category
Barcode: 9319841042386
Additional information
Weight0.78 kg
Dimensions160 × 140 × 100 mm

Solvent Weld Range

VBS1515mm Solvent0.08kg1050
VBS2020mm Solvent0.115kg1050
VBS2525mm Solvent0.225kg1050
VBS3232mm Solvent0.35kg520
VBS4040mm Solvent0.5kg520
VBS5050mm Solvent0.78kg520