4mm Micro Barbed Joiner – 10 Pack

4mm Barbed Joiners are used to join together sections of 4mm micro tube, or for punching 4mm micro tube into 13mm or 16mm poly pipe.

Installation: First punch a hole into either a 13mm or 19mm poly pipe mainline for a 4mm barbed joiner. This allows you to then tap into the water source. Push the 4mm joiner fitting into the 4mm micro tube, then into the punched hole.

  • Join 2 4mm Poly Tubes, or use to branch off a 13mm or 16mm Poly Pipe main line
  • Push in by hand
  • Black
  • Suits Patio Style Irrigation
  • Pack of 10

Additional information
Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions75 × 12 × 150 mm