⌀12mm Grip ‘n’ Lock Hose Connector with Flow Control

This Hose Connector with flow control features our Grip ‘N’ Lock Techology®, ensuring that the hose fitting will not blow off the tap or hose gun. The advanced design and engineering allows the separate olive to clamp tightly on the hose and compress the hose behind the barb on the fitting spigot, in combination, they form a connection that simply will not fail. The lever on the fitting activates a ball valve for shut-off and flow control through the fitting.

  • 12mm Grip ‘n’ Lock® Hose Connection
  • Ball valve for shut-off and flow control
  • Tough and durable UV resistant plastic
  • Removable and Reusable

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Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 70 mm