12mm Flow Meter Hose Connector

Know exactly how much water you are using in different parts of your garden.

The Flow Meter Counter measures the quantity of water coming from the tap. Tailor your water saving based on how much water you are using.

This Flow Meter is also useful for monitoring water usage from a rainwater tank.

  • Water can be measured in Gallons or Litres
  • Snap straight onto the tap or directly under your hose gun, if you prefer to
    monitor the water usage as you water
  • Easily reset either top or bottom counter using the CLEAR or RESET buttons
  • Accuracy of measurement will depend on the water pressure and the volume passing through the counter
  • Battery operated (included)
  • Measures the accumulated water usage within a period of time (bottom numbers) as well as the amount of water used for the current watering session (top number)

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