⌀12mm Brass Hose Connector Set

The Holman Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® fittings feature a separate compression ring with extra sharp teeth that lock onto the outside of the hose.

The Grip ‘n’ Lock Technology® fittings also have a longer tail and a sharp barb that locks onto the inside of the hose. In combination, they form a connection that won’t fail.

  • No more popping off the hose
  • No more leaks at the hose
  • Strong positive “click” connection

Fitting Material: Brass
  • 8530H-12mm-hose-connector-set
  • 6530H-3 Piece Hose Fitting Set
Fitting Size: 12mm
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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions100 × 35 × 115 mm



Grip 'n' Lock Technology®

For a better grip in your garden, we re-invented the hose fitting. With super sharp teeth and an extra long barb, this fitting has an extremely strong connection that will not leak, drip or blow off.