1 AMP Fuse for Irrigation Controller – 2 Pack

The 20mm 1 AMP Fuse pack is great to have on hand in case you get a blown fuse through your controller. A Blow fuse is a result of an electrical overload. This could be a result of a system fault or a power surge. A common fault is a solenoid coil rusting and shorting out. To identify the problem coil, observe the controller and watch what station blows the fuse. Before installing a new fuse, ensure that any electrical problems have been addressed & fixed otherwise the replacement fuse will blow also.

  • All Holman controllers use a 1 AMP fuse
  • Glass Window shows if the fuse has blown
  • Pack includes 2 x 1 AMP Fuses (5mm x 20mm)
  • Replace the blown fuse with the same compatible size

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Dimensions75 × 12 × 150 mm