Dial Ezy Gardener 4 Station Controller

Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the DialEZY Gardener has two individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf, and garden areas on separate watering schedules.

The Holman 4 Station Irrigation Controller for fully automated watering, set and forget. Easy to use with 2 fully independent programs which gives flexible watering schedules of up to 8 starts per day. Permanent memory means you will never lose your program when the power is out.

  • 4 station model
  • 2 Fully independent programs
  • 4 Starts per prog (Max 12 starts a day)
  • Station run times up to 12 hrs 59 mins
  • Complies to ANY Water Restrictions!
  • Individual day selection
    • Even, Odd or Odd -31
    • Interval watering day selection from every day to every 15th day

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  1. Vox Pbx

    This six station controller enables you to set up separate start times, to a maximum of six starts per day. Each start time can be set as a separate watering schedule. The (valves) will water in sequential order and on the days selected. This controller is great for low pressure and drip irrigation systems and for enabling flexible watering schedules to suit your local environment or watering restrictions.

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More Features:

  • Rain switch feature – Rain Sensor Ready™
  • Large wiring terminals (easy connection)
  • Quick setting dial & navigation buttons
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Suspend auto watering for up to 240 hrs
  • Programming over lap between stations
  • Toroidal high capacity transformer rated to 1.25AMP
  • Outdoor model with an inbuilt transformer includes lead & plug
  • Watering budgeting feature allows quick adjustment of the station run times by percentage from 10% to 200%
  • Permanent Memory feature will retain automatic programs during power failures
  • Pump or master valve input is standard
  • Current sensing and faulty station skip
  • Real time clock