15m Portable Hose Cart

Our Portable Hose Reel is a great addition to your garden. Keep your garden neat and tidy while watering, with the option of being able to take the reel around with you. The Portable Hose Reel features an easy rewind handle and includes a 5-star kink-resistant 15m hose with an adjustable spray nozzle and 12mm fittings. The hose reel is compact making it easy to store and carry. It can be kept as portable or mounted to the wall.

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Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions165 × 140 × 210 mm



Customer Reviews

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Jo (Adelaide, Australia)
Don't buy!!!

I wish I ready these reviews before I bought this yesterday. It is the biggest piece of crap. Missing two connectors (says on the front but in small type). Went back to hardware store to get. Put it together and it leaks from all points. Hose is incredibly hard to wind in with crappy handle. This is going back.

Mark (St Helena, Australia)

Haven't even used it yet and already regret buying it. Hose kinks on the inside barrel, handle feels like it's going to snap off and have to buy extra attachments. I've got a hozelock reel with original hose and attachment that's still going strong after 15 years so I think I'll be returning this POS and buying another quality brand!

Mark Kelly (Sydney, Australia)

See the other reviews. The fact they make you buy extra connectors, the fact the internal connector bends the hose when attached. This product is not fit for purpose. Its like buying a car then having to buy 2 more wheels as it only came with the front 2! As another reviewer said, who designed this. It is wholehearted cheap in every respect. I will never buy another Holman product again, and I've bought several Holman products. Do better.

Trev (Lennox Head, Australia)
Accidentally gave 5 stars

See review above. Absolute garbage

Trev (Lennox Head, Australia)
Worst hose ever

Absolutely no thought went into designing this crap, unless of course they designed it specifically to make other hoses look better. The connection inside the spool does not allow enough space for the hose to be coiled without pinching, so nothing comes out, and the pressure blows the cheap shitty plastic fittings off the tap. Recommend giving to neighbours you hate.

Peter Davidson (Sydney, Australia)
Works ok but very cheap materials

There is a clear sign on the pack that 2 additional hose connectors are needed, plus a YT video on assembly. So ok. But the cheap plastic handle will break if the hose jams .. the hose itself couldn’t be cheaper plastic crap. This thing might be ok for people with a 1 metre square balcony pot plant garden, everyone else should avoid. Cheap junk.

Nicholas Teed (Brisbane, Australia)

Absolutely terrible product. This should be taken off the shelf.

Once you have to buy extra bloody parts, It broke on the 2nd use, won't wind up properly and disconnects by itself.

Piss poor product

Tristan Rosen (Alexandria, Australia)
Waste of time and Money

Nothing on packaging to say this needs extra bits to get it to work. Wife and I thought we were idiots, until I looked on this website. Sell the complete package or not at all. This is so misleading.

Rob Hill

I am sorry but I agree with all the above review and it is a waste of money and time. Should be zero star rating.


If there was zero stars to give it I would.

What a scam this piece of s$#t hose is and i wish i had seen the other reviews before i purchased it. Why would you sell a hose reel that requires other parts to make it work and not sell it in the package or indicate anywhere on the package that they are required.

Handle is cheap and nasty and feels like its gonna break, connectors are leaky . Just a generally bad experience/ product. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone to purchase.