⌀12mm × 20m Trade Hose with Metal Fittings and Gun

The Holman 20m Trade Hose is designed with strength in mind, to cope with the tough Australian conditions. The trade hose comes in a 20-metre length and has robust chrome plated brass hose end fittings. Each hose connector is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings to securely clamp onto the tap adaptor. These provide a secure tap “snap-on” connection every time! The fittings are all made from non corrosive materials. For those long applications, join two trade hoses together using a brass coupling (8021HB, not included). Giving you a tough, reliable hose running from the tap on a building site, a wash down area or many other commercial environments.

  • 1 × 20m Tradesman Hose
  • 1 × 20mm/25mm Metal Universal Tap Adaptor
  • 12mm Metal Hose Connectors

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Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions330 × 330 × 100 mm