⌀12mm Plastic Grip ‘n’ Lock Hose Connector with Stop

Connect this 12mm Plastic Hose Connector with Stop to your garden hose and freely remove or add spray guns, sprinklers and more, whilst water pressure is still active. The in-built stop works as a barrier between the water flow and the hose connector, allowing you to interchange items without having to stop or turn off the water flow.

This Hose Connector with stop features our Grip ‘N’ Lock Techology®, ensuring that the hose fitting will not blow off the tap or hose gun. The advanced design and engineering allows the separate olive to clamp tightly on the hose and compress the hose behind the barb on the fitting spigot, in combination, they form a connection that simply will not fail.

  • 12mm Snap-on Fittings
  • Leak-Free
  • Tough and durable
  • Removable and Reusable

Note: Hose Connector with Stop can reduce water pressure.

Additional information
Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 60 mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve (Adelaide, Australia)
Better hose connectors

For years I have suffered with plastic hose connectors gradually working loose and leaking especially in the summer weather. Hoses soften and then the connector leaks or blows off completely.
The Holman grip n lock system seems to work as designed and not leak or blow off. I have had the Holman connectors on my hoses all this summer without the normal leaking issues.
So good I have replaced all my old fittings with Holman.

N.M. (Sydney, Australia)
Wouldn't lock onto tap connection

Shocking design, went to use won't connect to the existing tap connection. Right fit everything just wouldn't actually engage the lock on the hose connector. Guess that's why it was the cheapest one a Bunnings but he'll through it would be pretty straightforward.

Jeremy B (Melbourne, Australia)
Fantastic connector

Fantastic hose connector model. I like the grip and lock technology. I’d say the best option on the market. Would buy another brand.

Chris Heilers

This fitting is fantastic.Quality product for a great price.


This is probably the best hose fittings I have had. Others have worn out and blown off. I have had this one for maybe 2 years now and has never missed a beat.

Grip 'n' Lock Technology®

For a better grip in your garden, we re-invented the hose fitting. With super sharp teeth and an extra long barb, this fitting has an extremely strong connection that will not leak, drip or blow off.