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Garden Lighting FAQs

Why doesn’t the timer on my lights work?

Timer settings are unavailable with the following lighting products:

  • CLW60 Garden Light Transformer Hub
  • 2017 Model, CLBW60 Warm White Garden Light Controller
  • 2017 Model, CLBRGB60 RGB Colour Garden Light Controller

However, timer settings are available when your lights are connected to our following controllers:

  • 2018 Model, CLBW60 Warm White Garden Light Controller
  • 2018 Model, CLBRGB60 RGB Colour Garden Light Controller

  Our 2018 Garden Light Controllers are labelled with a sticker on the back of the box. The 2017 model controllers do not have an indication of what year model they are.

How do I enable the timer with my 2018 model Garden Light Controller?

  1. Open the iGardener™ app on your device.
  2. Tap 2018 Controller.    Please note the timer function requires a 2018 model controller.
  3. Tap the Scene button below the scene number you wish to add a timer to. For example, if you wish to add a timer to Scene 1, be sure to tap the button that says Scene 1 to access the options as shown.
  4. Set the desired time by scrolling the Start Time and Stop Time as shown.
  5. Once the times are set, tap Done.
  6. To activate the timer, disable the scene by tapping the large Off button. The scene will turn back on at the time that has been set.

  If you wish to use your garden lights before the timer is triggered, use a another scene so as not to disable the timer you have set.

Lighting 2018 Controller

A: Tap 2018 Controller

Open scene options

B: Open scene options

Set Start and Stop times

C: Set Start and Stop times

Tap Done

D: Tap Done

Disable Scenes

E: Tap Off to disable the scene

Turning scene back on will disable the timer

F: Turning the scene back on will disable the timer.

Are my lights AC or DC?

Both the Holman 2-Pin and 4-Pin Lighting Systems use a 12V DC transformer.

How do I stop my lights flickering?

The lights will flicker or work incorrectly when connected to an AC controller. Both the Holman 2-Pin and 4-Pin Lighting Systems are not compatible with other lighting products or brands.

Are Holman RGB Colour lights capable of producing Warm White light?

The Holman 4-Pin RGB Colour system is not capable of producing the same Warm White as the Holman 2-Pin system. The RGB Colour lights are however, capable of producing a cooler white colour. Please note, that with RGB Colour lights producing a white light, there will be some amount of rainbow effect as it is still a blended light colour.

Can I connect the 2-Pin Warm White and 4-Pin RGB Colour lights together?

No, our 2-Pin Warm White and 4-Pin RGB Colour are not compatible with each other.

How much cable can I run with a full 60W load on my transformer?

With a 60W load on the transformer, the maximum recommended cable run is 75m

Can each light be controlled individually?

All lights connected to one controller will behave in the same way and cannot be controlled individually.

Can more than one controller connect to my device?

Up to four different controllers can be connected to iGardener™ on a single device. Each controller can be managed individually within the app.

Can a single controller connect to multiple devices?

Garden Light Controllers will only connect to one device at a time. To connect to a second device, a controller needs to be deleted from a device it is connected to first

Why are my Deck Lights different colours.

This comes from not connecting the lights together correctly. The arrows on each plug and socket need to be aligned when connecting, otherwise the lights will produce incorrect or less vibrant colours.