WaterWhiz™ Programmable Tap Timers

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Our WaterWhiz™ Tap Timers feature simple programming options with powerful results. A full range in single, two and four outlet models means no watering concern is too complex.

WaterWhiz™ Features

Wide range of watering options: Different plants require different watering schedules and tools. Cover all your watering needs; from basic lawn maintenance to caring for delicate flower beds; with the ability to schedule watering and be able to use sprinklers, drip systems, and other tools.

Easily set different schedules for each day: Conserving water while managing your watering needs is easy; even if you aren’t home. Setting your timer by the day gives you maximum flexibility in when, where and how you water. Perfect for use with watering restrictions or mixed plantings.

Easily switch to manual watering: Whether you want to wash the car, clean the sidewalk or use the hose for other chores, you can easily switch to manual watering. No timer adjustment necessary. Just a simple turn of the switch when you need to use the hose.

  • Water some areas a little, and some a lot
  • Wide range of watering options
  • Easily set different schedules for each day
  • Manual watering options available
  • Flexible and intuitve programming
  • 7-day individual day and interval selection
  • 1min to 6hr long run time for low pressure systems
  • Larger easy to press buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to read angle display
  • 2 year limited warranty

WaterWhiz™ Troubleshooting