WaterWhiz™ Tap Timer FAQs

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  • Water some areas a little, and some a lot
  • Wide range of watering options
  • Easily set different schedules for each day
  • Manual watering options available
  • Flexible and intuitive programming
  • 7-day individual day and interval selection
  • 1min to 6hr long run time for low pressure systems
  • Larger easy to press buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to read angle display
  • 2-year limited warranty

Min 70kPa to 600kPa recommended. Pressure sensitive item! Flow rate up to 28L/min at 250kPa

Each ZONE (outlet) can be individually programmed.

As with other timers, you can set up to 4 CYCLES (start times) per zone.

Each of these CYCLES can have a different RUN time (how long it waters)

What this means is you can set the days, for example, Monday and Friday, and on both days, ZONE1 can water at 5am for 5 mins, 12pm for 10 mins, 5pm for 15mins and 11pm for 20mins.

The process can be repeated on the CO4002 and CO4004 for each of the other ZONES (outlets) However, the outlets should never run at the same time as loss of pressure and reduced flow will affect the timer.

When setting the watering days, be sure there is a box around the days you want to select. If using multiple ZONES be sure to select days for each ZONE or they will not run. Do the same when selecting INTERVAL days.

Start times are selected for the days already programmed in each ZONE. You cannot set different start times for each of these days.

The programme that has been entered will only operate when the timer is in AUTO mode. If the timer is in OFF mode, it will not water.

When using MANUAL to water, you must be in AUTO mode. Press the MANUAL button, select the ZONE and add a run time.

If you stop MANUAL watering before the entered time has elapsed, it will store that time and use it the next time the MANUAL water has been selected. Always be sure to dial any residual time back to 0 mins.

DELAY time can be set. When in AUTO mode, press the plus or minus button to select a delay.

If the mode automatically jumps to AUTO it means you have not input either WATERING DAYS or START TIMES and you must go back and programme these.


Q. I have attached my unit to the tap and there is water running from the outlet, how do I stop this?

A. You will need to close the solenoid manually. Select the AUTO setting and pressing the MANUAL button. Press the ‘plus’ button to enter a run time (1-min) and let this time elapse. This will close the solenoid once the time has run. You may need to select the ZONE on multiple outlet timers by pressing the ZONE button to select the correct outlet that is running.

Q. My timer is not coming on at the scheduled time.

A. Be sure you have not selected a DELAY time. With your timer in AUTO mode, press the ‘plus’ button to check the DELAY time is on 0.

Q. I am trying to manually run ZONE 2 but my timer keeps reverting to ZONE 1

A. Press the MANUAL button and use the ‘minus’ button to set the RUN time in ZONE 1 to zero. Press your ZONE button to select the correct ZONE and enter the run time for that ZONE.

Q My timer shows it is watering but there is no water coming thru?

A. There may be an airlock in the system. Disconnect the timer and reset it. Flush your irrigation system before attaching to the timer again.

Q. Why is the water still running after my programme has finished?

A. There may be a pressure issue with your system. The use of a pressure reducer, attached at the tap, before the timer, will assist in this situation.

Q. Zone 1 is working fine, but the other zones are not watering.

A. Please check the programming to ensure a START time and a RUN time have been set for each of these ZONES.

Q How do I reset my timer?

A Press and hold the OK button till the time is reset to 7.00am. The unit will be in default settings now.

Q Is it OK to use my timer over winter?

A We do not recommend the use of your timer over the winter period. It will not handle low temperatures, below 3 degrees Celsius may damage the timer.

We advise the timer to be removed over the winter period, or allowed to drain if left on the tap.